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So everyone can answer the questions that matter most to your business


DecisionPoint turns this into this

Create stunning information apps in minutes





Produce the business information your frontline workers need fast

Allows anyone to create sophisticated information apps without coding


Share information across your organization on mobile & desktop

Ideal for remote workers ... with fast response times on slow networks and full offline interactivity


Enable everyone to answer their immediate and follow-up questions

Scales cost-effectively to support a large community from commodity hardware


Information for everyone

Enable non-programmers to transform data into valuable business information and then distribute it to the frontline of your organization. Here are just some of the ways DecisionPoint™ could help your organization:


Help your remote sales team to smash their quotas by providing them with mobile apps that deliver the information they need, when they need it - even when they are offline.


Increase transparency and erase doubt from financial decisions. Gain insight into the internal and external factors that affect your company's bottom line and share these across your organization.


Provide store managers with quick and effective access to all of the information they need to deliver outstanding performance.


Control your assets and manage staffing trends, so you always have the right people with the right skills at the right time and cost.


Keep on top of multichannel campaigns by bringing your data together for a complete view of your marketing process.

Your Needs

Discover the fast, easy way to transform your data into stunning information applications, without coding, to provide business users wtith answers to the questions that really matter.

Trusted by organizations large and small

"With DecisionPointTM For Excel, I spend 30 minutes updating the dashboard and the rest of my day running our operations department, assisting the tax preparations department, keeping our systems up and running and building new software systems. I'm essentially seven new Emilys, and it's awesome!"

Emily Toothman
Associate Director of Operations at Senior Partners

"Although business intelligence software was completely new to me, DecisionPointTM For Excel is extraordinarily easy to use and it helps us make sure that all this information is easily found in one place"

Amanda Ottaway
Assistant Director for Operations & Strategy, Office of Technology Transfer at North Carolina State University

"The designer tool is very flexible. If you can think it, you can do it. For those times where I was not able to build an expression correctly myself, support pitched in within 24 hours."

Trung Nguyen

"What I love most about DecisionPointTM For Excel is that it hits that sweet spot where I can build dashboards fast, I can distribute them to many people without worrying about spiralling costs and they can be viewed on the iPad. These, to me, are the three things I couldn't find anywhere else."

Ali Taylan
CIO, Gibson Consulting Group

"Every single email, every single question was answered, and many of those were even answered prior to purchase without extra cost. It blew my mind! It is probably the best customer service I have ever received from a company."

Amanda Ottaway
Assistant Director for Operations & Strategy, Office of Technology Transfer at North Carolina State University

"I'm blown away by the speed and ease of use with DecisionPointTM, love it! I ran through the tutorials in no time."

Matt Hawkins
CTO, Kingfisher Inc

"DecisionPointTM allows us to get new information onto the iPad, fast"

Mike Stapleton
CIO, HealthPlanOne

"Having the opportunity to give DecisionPointTM a shot, it seems like a more natural progression of SAP Dashboards... Not enough customers have discovered DecisionPointTM"

Ryan Goodman
Founder & CEO, Centigon Solutions

"Besides the intuitive use of DecisionPointTM, the value provided for a small to medium size business is unprecedented. It has provided our company a lot of "Bang for the Bucks" and, through BI visualizations, rapid and informed management decisions."

Warren Tillman
CAO/CTO, H & H Homes