Information Delivery Systems – still relevant today

information-systemsRoll back the clock 15 or 20 years and one of the hot business intelligence topics of the day was information delivery systems. These systems enabled you to get timely, relevant information into the hands of a wide range of people across your whole organization. This meant people had ready access to information that was connected to their role, so they could make informed decisions.

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Why it’s time to embrace the dashboard app

modern dashboardIt is always good when other people independently come to the same conclusions as you! This is why I liked Ryan Dunn’s Medium post Dash-bored so much.

Regular readers of this blog will know that we have been passionate about interactive dashboards (now known as Dashboard Apps) for a long time.  So, reading Ryan’s post and his conclusions was music to our ears.

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How to create a dashboard in Salesforce

salesforce-dashboardThe value you get from your Salesforce deployment is only as good as the quality of information you get out. One way of getting information out is using dashboards. Dashboards allow you to visualize how your business is performing, track KPIs and answer your daily questions.

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How to Create a Report in Salesforce

How to create a report in Salesforce (main image)Good reports are essential for anyone who wants to get the most value from their Salesforce investment. As Salesforce say: “Reports and dashboards show how you performed in the past and what’s happening at the moment they are key to driving success and adoption for any CRM project.

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ROI Calculator Software – Help Your Sales Team Close More Business

CartCo-SaaS-ROI-CalculatorSales teams are always on the lookout for new ways to help them close deals faster, increase their win rate or drive up their average order value. Return on investment (ROI) calculator software can tick all these boxes.

Sales teams use ROI calculators (see an example)  to prove the value of their product or service in simple financial terms to their buyer. The buyer can use this information to build their business case to get the go ahead from the ultimate decision makers.

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What is a KPI?

key-performance-indicatorsKey Performance Indicators – What Are They?

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is something quantifiable that you can measure to track how effectively your organization is achieving its primary objectives. A good KPI will clearly indicate if your organization is heading in the right direction towards achieving its strategic goals.

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Salesforce Dynamic Dashboards – 6 Signs You’ve Outgrown Them

salesforce dynamic dashboard

A Salesforce dynamic dashboard lets you display information tailored to the current user. This allows you to give people a personalized view of their Salesforce data.

For example:

  • A sales representative can see their personal forecast, made up of their accounts, contacts and opportunities
  • Or, an account manager can filter a dashboard to see details of open opportunities and open cases for their customers. In this case, the filter selector would only list their customers.

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Why end-user training is killing your BI project

User TrainingDo you have time set aside in your business intelligence (BI) project plan to train your business end-users? If you do, then I would urge you to think hard about what you are doing, because the need for business user training may well be an indicator that your project will not be the success you are hoping for.

As Mico Yuk is fond of saying, there is only one success metric which matters in BI: User Adoption. And, there are three reasons why the need for business user training kills adoption: Continue reading

3 reasons why SAP Lumira is not a replacement for SAP Dashboards

lumira-xcelsiusTwo years ago we published a post which explained “Five reasons why SAP Lumira is not the natural successor to SAP Dashboards (aka Xcelsius)”, and further why we believe that our DecisionPoint™ product is a better way forward.

The advice in this post still holds true, and indeed the events of the last year have reinforced our viewpoint.

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A Better Way To Deliver Salesforce Mobile Dashboards

smartphone-dashboardsSales people and sales managers who spend a large part of their lives on the road need access to reports and dashboards when they’re on the go. A mobile dashboard is the ideal way for them to access critical information. It helps them to track their performance and to decide where they need to focus their efforts to be successful.

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