What is a dashboard app?

An example dashboard appDashboard apps (sometimes called information apps) are the latest evolution of business dashboards. They allow you to present business information in a highly visual form that frontline workers can readily understand. But, what sets a dashboard app apart is that it guides people through the information displayed, allowing them to hone in on areas of interest, and then leading them to the detailed transactional data they need to take action.

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How to move beyond Salesforce® joined reports

salesforce-cloudsAs a Salesforce® user, if you are looking at joined reports, you are probably butting up against the limits of Salesforce’s out of the box reporting capabilities.

Joined reports let you compare 2 sets of data across a common field (e.g. owner, account, campaign, etc.) that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to view side-by-side. For example, say you want to understand which of your opportunities may be at risk because they have open support cases associated with them. With a joined report, you can view a block of data showing opportunities alongside a block of data showing cases on an account by account basis to give you this information.

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What makes a good Data Storyteller?

hiker-1082297_1920With more roles being advertised for Data Storytellers we asked ourselves what are the key traits of someone who is going to excel in this role.

Part of being a good Data Storyteller is being able to uncover new insights about the things that make your business tick and then presenting these in a clear and compelling manner that helps senior management to make effective strategic decisions. This requires good analytic skills aligned to a talent for filtering data and distilling it down to its essence.

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Help us create a better Salesforce® reporting solution

salesforce-picture-2017Yesterday, we were delighted to announce the new cloud version of DecisionPoint™ which aims to make it easier for organizations to create and share insights from their cloud data.

Out of the gate, we’re supporting Salesforce® (alongside Excel® and CSV files) and we’re planning to add connectors to other popular cloud platforms soon.

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How combining data from multiple systems can improve customer profitability

Customer-Profitability-AppIf you work in sales operations, you probably spend a chunk of your time ensuring your sales team have access to all the information they need to drive their success. For example, by helping improve forecasting predictability and providing actionable insights.


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How interactive dashboards save everyone’s time

banner-about-antiviaAlthough business intelligence technology is constantly evolving and analysts have more tools and features to work with than ever before, very often non-analyst business users still struggle to get the information they need in a timely and efficient manner.

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Why offline dashboards are essential for remote workers

Remote Worker with Offline DashboardsRemote workers (e.g. sales people, field engineers, vendor managers), alongside other frontline workers in an organization, make decisions throughout the day which taken in total determine the success of a business. So, if you have remote workers in your organization, the chances are that they rely on access to high quality business information to get answers to questions that enable them to better perform their jobs . Continue reading

Could an information app solve this Black Friday challenge?

Department StoreOne of my friends is a store manager for a large chain of department stores. She started telling me about an issue she had to resolve on the back of their hugely successful Black Friday sale (more on this later). This led to a discussion about how she uses information to help her run an effective store. Continue reading

What information makes remote sales teams effective?

background-05At Antivia we believe that providing front-line workers with task-focused information applications is the best way to enable them to answer their business questions and to help them be successful.

To help you along this path, we published an eBook earlier this year: Your Guide to Becoming a Data-Driven Organization, which explained how to decide what to measure in your organization, why the things you measure should be actionable, and how to present all this information in a way that works for people across your organization. Continue reading