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Are you missing most of the value of your Big Data?

Big DataIf there is a data lake in your organization, what percentage of your organization see data from it on a daily basis?

I suspect the answer in most organizations, even the most Big Data savvy ones, is very low – possibly much lower than 10%.

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Introducing the industry-leading DecisionPoint™ mobile BI app

mobile app SSMobile business intelligence has evolved from being a nice-to-have to a must-have for many of today’s businesses, and mobile capabilities are now high on the list when organizations are considering BI tools.

With the global workforce becoming more and more mobile and business moving faster than ever, it is crucial that people can take their KPIs and latest business information with them when they’re on the go. If not, business people become frustrated that they have to revert to making decisions based on gut-feel.

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Why dashboards are the most effective option for information delivery

Interactive dashboard on iPadHere at Antivia, we talk a lot about how interactive dashboards are the most effective way to deliver information across an organization.

Research also shows that dashboards are management’s preferred option for consuming business information. But just what is it that makes dashboards so great for information delivery?

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Delivering BI on a budget

Gartner researchAntivia has received a lot of coverage from Gartner lately. We were mentioned in the 2015 Magic Quadrant, and in the hype cycle for Business Intelligence and Analytics from August in the mobile BI section.

And, as recently as last week, DecisionPoint™ was mentioned during the ‘Delivering outstanding BI on a budget’ webinar hosted by Kurt Schlegel and Neil Chandler, both Gartner research VPs, as one of a handful of vendors ideal for delivering BI on a budget.

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Four reasons why dashboards that don’t scale can harm your business

Modern dashboard solutionMany organizations aspire to become data-driven businesses. When an organization stops making decisions based on the gut feel of its people and starts making data-driven decisions based on hard facts, this can truly transform a business.

Business people will be empowered to perform to the best of their ability, everyone is pushing in the same direction and the organization can perform to its full potential.

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Make NetSuite go further – put critical business information into the hands of those who need it most

NetSuite dashboard solutionIf you’re a NetSuite customer, you’ve probably already realized how much it helps you in your day-to-day business. It helps you cut your IT costs, reduces your financial month-end close time and improves your quote-to-cash cycle times. But, today, is your business facing other new pressures to cut lead times, adapt to omnichannel, grow market share in spite of increased competition or sustain profit margins in the face of volatile global raw material and energy prices?

If so, do people across your organization have all the information they need to stay on top of the change happening around them? Are they frustrated when they are forced to make decisions based on gut rather than facts?

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How to better serve your front-line workers with SAP BusinessObjects data

Connect your dataToday’s business landscape is rough. Organizations are facing new pressures to improve cash flow, increase productivity and reduce inventory carrying costs, as well as cutting lead times, adapting to omnichannel, growing market share in spite of increased competition and sustaining profit margins in the face of volatile global raw material and energy prices.

To compete effectively you need to ensure front-line workers in your organizations have access to timely, consistent information in an easy-to-use format – so they can make effective decisions and perform to the best of their ability.

When it comes to supporting these front-line workers, the last thing you need is to be reliant on a solution that has reached the end of the road. Sadly, that’s the case for SAP Dashboards (aka Xcelsius).

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A bleak future for Flash and Xcelsius/SAP Dashboards

Broken FlashSAP have said that although there is going to be no further development of Xcelsius/SAP Dashboards, they are committed to supporting its output for the foreseeable future. However given what is happening to Adobe Flash, the end may be very much nearer than we have previously thought.

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Thrive During Oil’s Wild Ride: how oil and gas companies can change their fortune with targeted dashboards

PumpjackRecent volatility and an uncertain direction in the price of oil is forcing businesses across the oil and gas industry to become smarter and more agile.

Businesses in every segment of the industry are now looking at their business model and processes from different perspectives in order to survive or thrive.

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Self-service BI: Right Symptoms, Wrong Diagnosis

BI Myths: Busted!I almost completely agree with Scott Holden on everything he wrote in his article on self-service BI myths over on the TDWI website last week.

In fact, at Antivia, we have been making almost exactly the same key points over the last two years: Continue reading