Introducing XComponents for SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 FP3 beta-program

The XComponents are probably the worlds most downloaded extension components for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards and Xcelsius, with well over 10,000 downloads to date and they are used in some of the world’s largest Xcelsius projects by some of the largest companies in the world.

With BI 4 FP3, SAP have updated the version of the Flex SDK that they embed inside SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, which requires all third party components, including the XComponents, to be re-worked to use Flex 4.

I’m delighted to say that we’ve already undertaken this piece of work, so the XComponents are now BI4.0 FP3 ready and we’ll be running a beta-program for the updated XComponents to coincide with SAP’s own ramp-up program for BI4.0 FP3. By joining our beta program you will be able to:

  • Create new dashboards in BI4.0 FP3 that use the XComponents
  • Convert some of your existing XComponents based dashboards to the new Flex 4 world to ensure they behave as expected
  • Help us to identify and fix any small niggles that have crept through our testing process

The BI4 FP3 compatible XComponents should be identical to their pre-FP3 counterparts (part of the beta program is to test this). The only difference is that XYahooMaps has been removed from the package as Yahoo have withdrawn the mapping service on which it depends. However all the other XComponents are there including:

  • XProgressImage
  • XReflector
  • XScorecard
  • XTree
  • XReflector
  • XSparkline
  • XBulletchart
  • XGlobe
  • XHarveyBalls

If you are part of the SAP BusinessObjects BI4.0 FP3 ramp-up program and you would like to join the XComponents beta program please register here.

Please note: This beta version of the XComponents only works with SAP BusinessObjects BI4.0 FP3 and upwards. If you are running an earlier version of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards / Xcelsius, please continue to use the existing GA version of XComponents

2 thoughts on “Introducing XComponents for SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 FP3 beta-program

  1. Sandeep Thakur

    Graphic mapping such as xYahoomap component was of big value to entire dashboard itself. Many loved it and could not forget. Expecting similar sort of global mapping component (with a zoom) probably is being developed?

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