Remarkable engine oil for Xcelsius

After writing a recent post on about seeing third-party add-ons to SAP Business Objects in a positive, glass-is-half-full way (more, better functionality now) rather than a negative, glass-is-half-empty way (it should be part of the product), I got to thinking about how to express this specifically for XWIS.

So …

Imagine if you could buy an oil for your car engine which:

  1. Made it feel better to drive
  2. Improved its performance
  3. Helped it consume dramatically less fuel
  4. Reduced on-going service bills forever
  5. Typically repaid the initial outlay every 3 to 9 months (depending on usage)
  6. Was certified and approved by the car manufacturer (and had won awards for innovation from them)

Would you buy it, or would you say that the car manufacturer should have included it as part of the deal and ignore it?

I suspect you would be sorely tempted to at least investigate the claims, after all, ignoring it because you felt it should be a part of the car would be a little too much like cutting your nose off to spite your face.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that you would be mad not to buy it if all the above were true.

Unfortunately, we don’t have anything like this for cars, but we do have something very like this for Xcelsius, it is called XWIS, and by analogy to the above:

  1. XWIS makes developing connected Xcelsius dashboards a much more pleasant experience
  2. XWIS allows Xcelsius to handle far greater volumes of data, more quickly and more smoothly
  3. XWIS dramatically reduces the development cost of Xcelsius (think dashboards in hours or days, not weeks or months)
  4. XWIS also dramatically reduces the cost of on-going maintenance (both support and future enhancement)
  5. The cost of XWIS is typically recouped in the first 1 or 2 projects it is added to (all the rest is gravy)
  6. XWIS is SAP BusinessObjects certified and has won two awards from SAP for integration and innovation

In addition, although XWIS does not come as part of the Xcelsius product, once it is installed its seamless integration makes it feels like it is.

So, like the hypothetical engine oil, if you are involved in an Xcelsius project, you would have to be mad not to give XWIS a look.