The 12 Days of XWIS

Xcelsius #Santa request, we are getting into the festive spirit with a series of blog posts entitled “The 12 days of XWIS”.

For each of the next 12 days, starting tomorrow Tuesday 6th Dec, we’ll post a very short video highlighting a feature of XWIS. Over the series, we’ll show how XWIS helps boost developer productivity, extend end-user capabilities, fend off niche-BI vendors, automate dashboard distribution, and even deliver dashboards on mobile and tablet devices.

In addition, each post will include a little-known fact from the history of Xcelsius, so even if you are not interested in XWIS (although by the end of the series we hope you are), there will be something for you as an Xcelsius user.

On top of that … each of the 12 videos will contain a hidden word or phrase from the previous day’s “History of Xcelsius”. At the end of the series, if you’ve spotted them all, then you will be able to enter a prize-draw. The winner will get their choice of an iPad or a Kindle Fire. Details of how to enter in the closing post of the series.

So to start us off, here is the first Xcelsius fact …

The History of Xcelsius – Fact 1

Xcelsius was originally developed by a company called Infommersion based in San Diego, California. It was initially conceived (possibly over the dinner table) by Santiago and Santi Becerra the father and son who became the founding CEO and CTO respectively. They wanted something which spanned their two areas of expertise, namely, Business Intelligence / Performance Management (Santiago) and Game / Animation Development (Santi); the result was Xcelsius.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the first instalment of the “12 Days of XWIS” – why not subscribe to our blog feed, so you don’t forget!