The Ninth Day of XWIS – Off-line Dashboards

Even in today’s connected world there are times when we need access to our information when we don’t have connectivity to our corporate systems. Our ninth day explains how XWIS solves this problem for dashboards, by adding an off-line capability to Xcelsius.

The video below shows how easy it is for the dashboard designer to enable the offline functionality in a dashboard (by dropping on a single “offline” component) and then how the end-user just needs to click the component in the live dashboard to save an off-line version for later use.

Notice how these off-line dashboards are fully interactive and how many of the features we have seen in the previous few days (e.g. drill down and across, synchronized data, ad-hoc analysis and Autowire) continue to work in the off-line dashboard.

(for best results, watch this video in full-screen mode)

Remember, in each video there is a “hidden” word or phrase from the previous day’s Xcelsius Fact. Find them all and enter the draw to win your choice of iPad or a Kindle Fire.

History of Xcelsius – Fact 10

Included in the Xcelsius 2008 release was a completely new set of maps providing more capability and covering the globe in significantly more detail. Unfortunately, one key map was missing – Canada ! This was particularly ironic as the Xcelsius development team was organizationally part of Business Objects’ Vancouver Development Center. Thankfully, the Canadian map was added in in the first service pack a few months later, but it was a pretty glaring omission for a while.

It just goes to show that bugs in software are like needles in a haystack, very hard to find, but obvious when you find one sticking in your finger.

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One thought on “The Ninth Day of XWIS – Off-line Dashboards

  1. Charles

    Hi Donald

    Even more curious are the continued absences of maps of Mexico and India!

    Thankfully, reporting a map of Malta is supported though :)


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