The Second Day of XWIS – Live Preview and Autowire

On the second day of XWIS we shine the spotlight on two features which appeared in yesterday’s video, namely Live Preview and Autowire.

Live Preview is one of those features which seems a small step forward, but once you use it, you wonder how you ever managed without it. Being able to see live data in your dashboard at design time does not sound that important, but it allows you to fine-tune the layout of your dashboard without having to flip in and out of preview mode to see how it will look when the end-user runs it … so, Live Preview isn’t just a time saver but it’s also a frustration buster. In the video below, see how quick and easy it is to adjust the table to just fit the column headings and to be just the right height to fit the data without scroll bars.

Live preview also works with Autowired components …

Autowire enables standard Xcelsius components to be dynamically linked together, without having to put data into the spreadsheet. In the video, see how Live Preview highlights (at design time) the clash between the sub-title and the legend of the Autowired charting component, due to the number of states in the initial view of the chart.

It is also possible to Autowire the GMaps plugin from Centigon solutions. Once again, the video show how easy this makes it to link components together within a dashboard. Here too, the Live Preview data in the map makes it much easier to fine tune the map display properties for the optimal fit.

On top of all this, Autowire not only flows data between components but also supports synchronized navigation – enabling you to create the types of dashboards your users want, without introducing a raft of complex Excel formulas. In the video, notice how when the dashboard is previewed, clicking on any of the components, drills down through the data and updates all the other components, so everything is kept nicely in synch.

(for best results, watch this video in full-screen mode)

Remember, in each video there is a “hidden” word or phrase from the previous day’s Xcelsius Fact. Find them all and enter the draw to win your choice of iPad or a Kindle Fire.

The History of Xcelsius – Fact 3

The project at Business Objects to acquire Infommersion was code-named “project Beacon”. The deal was officially announced on the 4th October 2005 and was completed on the 1st November 2005.

The first Business Objects person to spot Xcelsius was Roger Sanborn, who sent an email in October 2003 saying “Check this stuff out. Go to the demos. Interesting,”.

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