The Twelfth Day of XWIS – An “Xcelsius on iPad” present for Mico

As I said in the introductory post of this series, one of the inspirations behind the 12 days of XWIS was the following tweet from Mico Yuk:

As Mico has been such a tireless champion for Xcelsius, it is great that we can help make this wish come true for her with our XWIS Anywhere for iPad product. XWIS Anywhere will be released early in the new year, but just to ensure Mico knows we are close to delivering, we made the following video of her famous, SAP Reportapazoola winning, Coffee Consumption dashboard running on an iPad (complete with seasonal trimmings).

To to find out more about XWIS Anywhere for iPad, join me for a webinar on January 12th: Sign-up for XWIS Anywhere Webinar

(for best results, watch this video in full-screen mode)

Remember, in each video there is a “hidden” word or phrase from the previous day’s Xcelsius Fact. Find them all and enter the draw to win your choice of iPad or a Kindle Fire.

History of Xcelsius – Fact 13

The flexibility of Xcelsius is one of its key strengths, however it does mean that sometimes people push the boundaries a little too far. Amongst the most remarkable “complexity” stories I have heard about Xcelsius are:

  1. The Xcelsius model with 600 QaaWS connections
  2. The Xcelsius model with 120 Live Office connections
  3. The Xcelsius model which has 240 pages of documentation to describe the spreadsheet calculations

Fortunately, these were not all in the same dashboard! What is the most complex Xcelsius dashboard you have come across?

Tomorrow, I will post a summary of what we’ve seen over the past 12 days … and most importantly, explain how you can enter our competition to win an iPad or Kindle Fire.