Xcelsius luminaries welcome XWIS 3.0

As we announced yesterday, XWIS 3.0 is now generally available. It is our biggest release to date with a host of new features, many of which help Xcelsius retain its position as the premier dashboarding tool in the face of competition from some of the niche BI vendors. In fact, we believe that XWIS is the ultimate companion product to Xcelsius. But we would say that wouldn’t we !

Fortunately we are not the only ones who are saying it. Some of the world’s most respected Xcelsius gurus are saying great things about XWIS 3.0:

Mico Yuk: “There are three things Xcelsius customers want: 1) To reduce the time and effort it takes to connect to live data, 2) To view their dashboards offline and 3) To view their dashboards on an iPad. With XWIS 3.0 and the upcoming XWIS Anywhere for iPad release, Xcelsius customers will have all these capabilities and more.

Almost identically, I had a conversation with Andrew Fox, recently, in which he said “Three common things customers and dashboard designers say to me about Xcelsius are ‘I want dashboards to be easier to connect to data, I want them offline and I want them on the iPad’, the solutions provided by Antivia can address each of these.”

When Chris Hickman started using XWIS 3.0, he posted on twitter: “I just built my first XWIS / GMaps Dashboard in about 3 minutes. Holy cow! The hype is true!”, and “just installed Antivia [XWIS] 3. A very quick and easy installation process to unlock huge potential in your dashboards!

And Scott Strool joined him saying: “Dear next customer, please have or be open to using @antivia #xwis for your dashboards. #highly_productive.”

Finally Ryan Goodman wrote on his blog: “when Xcelsius and XWIS are combined, I still believe the two solutions together elevate Xcelsius back to the top of the list as the best dashboard solution in the market. The flexibility of Xcelsius’ form-design coupled with real data analysis firepower of XWIS is second to none.”

It is great to have support from such a high-powered set of Xcelsius luminaries. Roll on XWIS 4.0 :-)