XComponents Update

Given that the XComponents is a spare-time project, it is remarkable that they have now been downloaded over 10,000 times and are in use in many production Xcelsius dashboards around the world.

However because of the part-time nature of the project, I have not always been diligent in keeping people up to date with the new features which have been added, so as I have just released a new update to the XComponents, I thought I would write this short blog post to go some way to correcting this.

If you have downloaded the XComponents before, then you should have received a link enabling you to download the new version. If you want to download the XComponents for the first time then go to: Download XComponents

XGlobe bug fix

The latest version includes a fix for the fact that Yahoo turned off the geocoding API that XGlobe was using, resulting in no markers or pins appearing on the globe, which rather defeated its purpose. The latest version uses a newer Yahoo API, but from the outside should function exactly as before.

XGlobe off-line tip

While on the topic of XGlobe, there is a little know feature which you can use to allow the XGlobe to work in a disconnected, offline mode. The XGlobe needs to locate the markers on its surface and it does this using latitude and longitude values for each of the locations it is plotting. This is where the geocoding API comes in as it translates between place names and lat/long values. However, the XGlobe will also take hard-coded lat/long values if you have them and just to be helpful the “Copy location information to the clipboard” will give you just this information, ready to be pasted intot the spreadsheet for off-line viewing. It is much easier to see than to explain so here is a short video of it in action:

XScorecard Enhancements

The latest version also adds a few highly requested features in the XScorecard. These are :-

  1. Control over which nodes are open or closed the ability to specify (both at start-up and dynamically at run time) which nodes of the tree are open
  2. Number formatting using an Excel like format string (e.g. 0.00, or 0.0% or 0.##) to format numbers in the scorecard
  3. Display names the ability to provide alternative names for the labels displayed in the scorecard (which allows the same child label to appear under different parents)

The short video below shows all of these in action:

26 thoughts on “XComponents Update

  1. Praveen

    Hi Don,

    I working on one Xcelsius project and I found the Xglobe and Xyahoo maps really intresting and good to work with. To make it effective in my project(related to cyber threats), is it possible show a line or arrow which signifies a person or IP address attacked from one country(For example China) to another country(for example US) in Xyahoomaps or Xglobe. Awaiting your reply.


  2. Charlie

    Thank you Donald, we apreciate your support and these components have been very useful to our solutions..

  3. Damian

    Dear All,
    I can´t download the xcomponent from the antivia web page. Even when this message appear “We’ve just sent you an email containing a link to the XComponents”, I havent received any mail to download the file.

    Could you please help me?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. bryanm

      Hi Damian,

      Many thanks for your comment and I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced problems downloading the XComponents.

      I have just sent you an email with the link you need to access the XComponents, which hopefully will resolve your issue.

      Best Regards,

      1. Rajesh Kumar

        Hi Bryan,

        I was using XYahooMap through Xcomponent in my Xclesius dashboard. But now Xyahoomap is not working.
        Is this component removed permanently, Or there are any diff way to use yahoomap in dashboard.

        Thanks in advance.

        Rajesh Kumar

        1. bryanm

          Hi Rajesh,

          Thank you for pointing this out to us. We’ll investigate and post back here in a few days.

          Best Regards,

          1. bryanm


            As Simon Wilson kindly pointed out below, Yahoo! has ended support for the Yahoo! Maps AS3 component, which underpinned XYahooMaps. Consequently, this means the XYahooMaps component no longer works.

            We want to replace XYahooMaps using a different mapping component and we are currently looking at a number of options. Once we have any further news, I’ll post an update here, but please be aware that the XComponents are developed and maintained by Donald in his spare time.

            Best Regards,

  4. Oliver Pink

    Thank you for developing the XComponents, they are really helpful!

    One questions regarding future development: Starting with Dashboard Design 4.0 FP3, Flex 2 components are no longer supported. Do you plan to rebuild XComponents with the supported Flex 4 SDK?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. bryanm

      Hi Oliver,

      Many thanks for your comments.

      Yes, Donald intends to re-build XComponents using the Flex 4 SDK as soon as Dashboard Design 4.0 FP3 is available.

      Best Regards,

      1. Wayne Cooke

        I have developed a Dashboard that uses the XGlobe feature. A few months ago the pins stopped appearing, and I understand this is due to a problem with Yahoo Maps.
        In an effort to correct this, I have downloaded the latest version of XComponents – only to find that they are still not Flex 4 compliant.
        Any news on when this will be corrected now that Dashboard Design 4.0 FP3 is available (I see the last comment on this was 18 months back – before Dashboard Design 4.0 FP3 was available).


  5. Simon Wilson

    Hi Team,

    XYahooMaps has stopped working for me as well – it just doesn’t display at all in design or preview mode. Is this because the Yahoo! Maps AS3 Component is no longer supported?


    Do you know of any free alternatives that work as well as XYahooMaps does/did?



    1. bryanm

      Thanks, Simon.

      I’m afraid I am not aware of any other free mappping components for Xcelsius, although Centigon offer far more complete and sophisticated mapping / location intelligence with their excellent GMaps Plugin

      In terms of XYahooMaps we’re looking to re-work this with a different API and are currently looking at a number of options. I’ll post an update here when I have any further news, but please be aware development and maintenance of XComponents is a spare-time project for Donald.


  6. Rich


    I’ve been trying to figure how to build the data for an Xtree to have multiple folder (grouping) levels as it does in your world example. So far I can only get it to create a folder on the 1st column of data and use the 2nd for detail data, no matter how may columns of data I have selected. Can you show me how the data is arranged for your world example?


    1. Donald


      The two columns hold a parent child relationship for all levels of the hierarchy. so for example

      total a
      total b
      a a1
      a a2
      a a3
      b b1
      b b2
      b b3
      a1 a11
      a1 a12

      will give a four level hierarchy (e.g. drilling from total to a to a1 to a11)

      Also this video might help (only 1min 20 sec long), it is for the XScorecard but all the XComponent hierarchies work the same way :-


      Hope that helps, if not let me know and I will see what I can do.

  7. Joe

    Hi Donald, Any Update on XYahooMaps or XGlobe components. Have a few dashboards that these are currently used in.


  8. sandeep

    Hello Donald,

    I am using the xcomponent Globe in any of my Dashboards and I have a requirement to show the mouse over values of the countries on the pins as its really difficult for users to know exact location of all countries on the globe.so which way I should go to achive the same as the component has no option for mouse movements and only passes the value when we make a click…

    Please suggest..
    thanks a ton in advance…

  9. Ahmed Syed

    Hi Donald –
    I am Working of the Dashboard Design 4.0 Project for the Workforce Analytics. I really Appreciate the X-components as they solved the Purpose of Hierarchy Representaion for Multiple Dimentions and Defined a Streamlined approach towards the Drilldown Path.

    Thanks –

  10. Raj

    Hi Donald

    These are really great components. I am using XScorecard and wanted to check if there is a way to center the values..


  11. Philip

    Hi Donald:

    First off, thanks for the XComponents. Great add-on for Xcelcius.
    So I do have one finding from an older version to the latest for the XTree.
    Originally we built an Xcelcius Dashboard w SP2 Patch 13 using Xcomponents version SP2 1.9.2 I believe. It worked as expected. Now we upgraded Xcelcius to SP4 Patch 7 and upgraded Xcomponents to SP4 Flex 4 v1.9.9.
    Everything is working correctly but a bug we might have found is that the leafnode is displaying “folder” icons when in fact they should be displaying “document” icons. In the older version this worked as designed but in the newer version I found that everything is displayed as a folder icon. I even did a test and downloaded the XTree example. That example as well displayed folder icons when it should have been document icons. Just curious if this has been reported or if there is a setting I need to change.



  12. Santosh

    Hello Mr. Donald, thanks for the xcomponents. It solves our problem of hierarchical representation of data. We are migrating the dashboards to 4.1 and would really appreciate if you could send me the link to download the flex4 version of xcomponents. I am going into this website http://go.antivia.com/20120417XComponentsforBI4FP3_Request.html however there is no link to download the component..
    Thanks much..

  13. Dheeraj Patta

    Is there a way to get Flex4 components / XTree Components now as I see this message “As SAP Dashboards (formerly Xcelsius) moves towards the end of its natural life, we have decided to no longer offer the XComponents” on the website. I am looking for Expanding / Collapsing items in Xcelsius. I would be a great help if anybody can send me the download link to the components to dheeraj.patta@yahoo.com

    1. bryanm

      Hi Dheeraj – I’m afraid we don’t offer the XComponents any more, since SAP has stopped investing in SAP Dashboards / Xcelsius. Anyone still using Xcelsius, should really be planning their move away from this Flash-based technology. We’d encourage you to take a look at DecisionPoint as an alternative, which is a no-coding dashboard design environment, based on modern HTML5 technology that works on mobile and the desktop, and includes a tree component. Best Regards, Bryan

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