Put your KPIs front and center to drive exceptional performance

The Challenge

Without insight and feedback, operational excellence is hard to achieve

Supporting Content

Do people on the front-line of your organization have a clear picture of the numbers that matter in their part of the business? Can they see clearly how their efforts contribute to the success of your business?

If not, are your front-line workers frustrated that they lack visibility into their performance? Are they operating as effectively and efficiently as they could be?

Without access to information to measure performance and progress it's hard for front-line workers to be sure they are doing what your organization needs and expects from them. However, when operational performance information is visible, the whole team can pull together and focus on what matters to deliver exceptional performance.

Call Center - to visualize hit rate, utilization, talk time and daily sales by team to foster healthy competition and to smash sales targets

Factory floor - to monitor abnormal events and trends (e.g. late work orders, defects, workplace safety) to spot issues before they become painful and costly problems

Warehouse - to track pick accuracy, order fulfilment rate, orders shipped against target and returns to unite the team in pursuit of the perfect order

Support Desk - to monitor open and closed tickets, average resolution time and ticket status by agent to retain high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty

Front Desk - to provide high level information to visitors to present your organization in the best possible light

The Solution
Empower front-line workers with wall-mounted dashboards that display the information they need

Create dashboards quickly in response to changing business needs

Businesses today operate in a fast-changing environment and the information we provide to front-line workers needs to keep pace with these changes. To keep you one step ahead, DecisionPoint lets you create and update dashboards fast, without coding.

Keep everyone up to date with the latest numbers

To ensure front-line workers always have their finger on the pulse of your business, you can schedule dashboards to be refreshed periodically throughout the day (e.g. every minute, every 10 minutes, every hour, etc.) to ensure people are always working with the most up-to-date information.

Flag issues early before they become problems

To keep people focused on what matters most you can add color-coded alerts to dashboards to draw attention to areas of concern where action is required, or to highlight outstanding performance and foster healthy competition.

Provide people with the complete picture

The most effective wall-mounted dashboards use a clear, uncluttered layout focusing on a small number of components so people can take in the information at a glance. Where you need to monitor several KPIs in a business area you can create these on multiple pages and then cycle through them automatically to give people the big picture view.

Ensure answers to follow-up questions are close at hand

When a front-line worker spots an issue and needs to dive into more detail, it makes sense to provide an interactive version of your dashboard nearby. DecisionPoint lets you create wall-mounted and interactive dashboards to ensure people can get rapid answers to their second- and third-level questions so they can feel confident they are making the right decisions for the business.


What you get

12 month subscription to DecisionPoint, including support and maintenance:
  • Create stunning dashboards without coding
  • Set up color-coded alerts to highlight KPIs
  • Keep track of your business' performance
  • Connect to any data, including corporate data and cloud data sources
  • Schedule data refreshes to ensure you always see the most recent numbers

The Takeaway

With DecisionPoint, non-programmers can quickly create wall-mounted dashboards that make operational performance visible across the organization, ensuring front-line workers have their finger on the pulse of the business and helping them deliver exceptional performance.

Are you ready to put your KPIs front and center to drive exceptional performance?

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