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SAP BW and SAP HANA – a simpler view

Recently, I’ve seen a number of people asking what the difference is between SAP HANA and SAP BW and both Steve Lucas (here) and John Appleby (here) wrote posts in order to clarify the situation. However, as someone who does not have a deep knowledge of either BW or HANA, I found both threads a little hard to follow in places. So, if you find yourself in the same situation as me, here is my simplistic take on the subject.

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See for yourself: Build a BI application in under 6 minutes

Build a BI Application in under 6 minutesEarlier this year, we were delighted to win DemoJam at the SAP Technology Forum UK & Insight BI Forum in St. Albans, UK. DemoJam is part of the after-dinner entertainment at SAP conferences, and the format pits several organizations against each other, and against the clock, as they try to impress the (often well-oiled and lively) audience and win the audience vote.

Always up for a challenge, we used our alloted time of 6 minutes to build a fully-interactive BI application using Xcelsius and XWIS, from scratch. The consensus from the audience was that this was a remarkable feat … but, why not see for yourself what you think?

Watch the video (on SAP’s Virtual Events site) of our winning entry to see Donald MacCormick build a fully-interactive BI application that connects to corporate data, contains multiple components, implements synchronized drill-down, and provides end-user ad-hoc slice-and-dice analysis – all built from scratch using a single data connection and without an Excel formula in sight!

And, if you want to learn more about how BI Applications are changing the world of dashboards for the better, then check out this on-demand webinar: BI Applicatoons: Taking dashboards to the next level.