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Dashboards, BICS and NetWeaver Portal ???

Andrew Fox (@Andrew__Fox) just asked on Twitter :-

“Before I do testing does Dashboards with SP04 allow BW connected models
via BICS to live outside the SAP portal yet , it was talked about” (link)

The answer is yes and no !

The NO answer

If you are using BICS through an “SAP NetWeaver BW Connection” from the data manager, shown here :-














then the answer is “no”. Dashboards connected like this (even in BI 4 FP3/SP4) still need to be accessed from inside the SAP NetWeaver portal, just as they did in previous versions.


The YES Answer

However, there is a new way of accessing BICS in BI 4 SP3/FP4 through the query browser/query panel where there is now an option to access BW (BEx) Queries :-


If you use this method than the dashboard no longer has to be deployed in the SAP NetWeaver portal. However, it does mean that you need the BI4 platform installed which is not the case in the connection from the data manager which could access BW directly without needing the platform to be in place.

You pays your money and you takes your choice !