Monthly Archives: December 2012

Four dashboard design lessons from the BBC Weather site

Over the last two weeks I posted a series of articles which explained four key lessons which I believe the BBC Weather site teaches us about dashboard design and delivery. For those who didn’t have time to read all four posts in depth, here is a quick summary of what they covered:

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Predictive – the 4th of 3 dashboard lessons from the BBC Web Site

This was supposed to be a series of three blog posts exploring the lessons that the BBC weather site can teach us about BI in general and dashboards in particular (the first 3 posts were on the future of dashboards, Big Data and HTML5). However, after finishing the original series I realized there was a fourth lesson staring me in the face, which should have been more obvious than the first three, because it is all about predictive analysis.

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Dashboards = No Training Required = The Future of BI

Timo Elliott posted a blog a couple of days ago where he explains why he feels investing more in end-user training for BI tools is a good, low-hanging investment.

It is not often I disagree with Timo, but in this instance I do. I have an increasingly strong conviction that the only BI which will ever truly succeed with business end-users is BI which needs no training at all.

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