Monthly Archives: January 2013

“If you think you know dashboards, think again” catch the replay

If you think you know dashboards, think againLast week, we hosted what proved to be an extremely popular and very well received educational webinar entitled “If you think you know dashboards, think again“.

During this fast paced, 1-hour session, Donald MacCormick (@donaldmac) explained why interactive dashboards are the future of end-user BI and, in fact, are the only end-user BI tool you need.

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Excel – how much is too much ?

John Freeze over at C5Insight wrote a great post recently titled “Excel Overload How Much is Too Much”. I particularly liked his sign off from the blog:

“I use Excel nearly every day and will continue to do so … I also use my toothbrush daily, and while I could, I don’t try to wash my car with it.”

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