Monthly Archives: February 2013

Google points the way to dashboards as the future of self-service BI!

The on-going (and in my view mistaken) obsession with “self-service” seems to lead many people to conclude that “Google is the Nirvana of end-user BI”. By which I think they mean that being able to type any question into a simple text box and get an answer is the best possible interface for asking a business question.

I disagree… both in terms of how you ask the question and in terms of the answer that you get!

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Interactive iPad Dashboards with SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

Back in September I posted about “The HTML5 future of dashboards” which included a video of an interactive HTML5 dashboard which we had just demonstrated for the first time at the ASUG SBOUC conference in Orlando. The main point of this earlier post was to highlight that dashboards are a lot more than just a selection of summary grids and graphs and that HTML5 is a technology which can happily deliver the new breed of interactive dashboards which go so much further than offering mere “at a glance” summaries of data.

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