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A Visionary Example of the Future of End-user BI

My ex-colleague from BusinessObjects, Bill Schmarzo (that is his picture to the left), has just posted a blog entry (here) which should be compulsory reading for anyone in BI and especially for those who are working with BI and “big data”.

Let me explain why …

The opportunities opened up by “big data” are very significant and no-one should be ignoring them. Unfortunately, if you follow the hype in the market today at best you will only realize a small percentage of the value and at worst you will swamp your organization with inappropriate, time-consuming access to data they don’t actually need. Continue reading

“The war on self-service BI”

Mark Cooper (that’s his avatar on the left) posted a great article on the SAP Community Network (SCN) earlier in the week.

The title “the war on self-service” immediately drew me in as I have long advocated that self-service BI (in all its forms) is probably the biggest inhibitor to the wider adoption of BI in our organizations.

I was not disappointed. Mark summarizes the problem beautifully:

“The most commonly attempted [self-service] scenario in BI projects is … the one that I commonly see fail because the project tries to reduce reliance on IT and enable the business to do their own reporting”

Bingo! In a sentence, this is the reason we have had with too much BI shelfware and too little BI adoption for the last 15-20 years.

To explain, there are two issues: Continue reading

Is your BI tool built for mobile or bent for mobile?

More and more BI projects need to deliver to mobile devices, as end-users expect their BI to be available on whichever device is closest to hand.

End-users want their BI to be just as accessible as their email. Today, you probably prefer to access your email from your desktop computer when you are in the office and from your mobile devices when you are out and about; end-users of BI want the same flexibility, so they can get answers to their business questions at any time.

But, delivering mobile BI creates a number of new challenges for BI practitioners, not least because not all networks are created equal.

Continue reading