Monthly Archives: July 2014

Gut + Data = Better Gut (today and tomorrow)

I love Dave Cherry’s equation “Gut + Data > Gut” in his article where he argues that gut feel is always better when complemented by data.

I would take it a step further and add that :-

Gut + Data = Better Gut

After all, gut feel comes from experience and what is experience if not the collection of data (often informally) about a particular business or organization? Continue reading

A middle ground for “Pre-packaged BI Applications”

There was an interesting discussion last Friday on Howard Dresner’s weekly #BIWisdom tweetchat about pre-packaged BI applications.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t be on the chat at the time but reviewing the conversation it felt like there is little belief that pre-packaged BI applications which you can just “plug in and use” are really viable, they came low on importance in Howard’s most recent #WisdomofCrowds survey and most people on the chat seemed to worry about the need for customization. Continue reading

Is QlikView the right place to create your Data Warehouse?

Open or closed data warehouse?

During the recent Qlik and Cloudera virtual Big Data event, Cindi Howson (@BIScorecard) tweeted “Yikes – 1001 data sources brought into one @qlikview app. More common is 30 ish #QCVirtual

Yikes, indeed! Stories like this are not than uncommon in the BI world where technology is pushed beyond its natural limits due to fast evolving business requirements, pressure to deliver and the fact that incremental small steps often feel like the best path forward even though they make future small steps much harder. Continue reading