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Could a wall-mounted dashboard help boost your business?

Wall-mounted dashboard display

During the past 10 years dashboards have evolved as business-users have become more sophisticated in their needs. We’ve witnessed a trend away from old-fashioned static at-a-glance dashboards towards interactive dashboards that are really more like BI applications. Users want answers to their immediate and follow-up questions and they want that information now. They want it through an intuitive, no-training-required interface and interactive dashboards do a great job of meeting this requirement.

So you could be excused for thinking that wall-mounted dashboards are a little old-fashioned and not relevant in today’s business world – after all they are up on the wall and they are hardly interactive. Well, not quite…

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The Evolution of Business Intelligence: Beyond Data Discovery

Thanks to a tweet last week from Cindi Howson, I discovered The Battle of Business Intelligence: Data Discovery vs. Traditional BI written by Southard Jones from Birst. The article provides a nice overview of how Data Discovery evolved and moved into the BI mainstream but most interestingly it argues that “Data Discovery remains one small piece of the larger pie that is business intelligence”!

Thank goodness for that, finally someone else saying that Data Discovery is not the be all and end all of BI. We were beginning to think we were the only ones :) Continue reading