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Data trends to be thankful for

Binary table

The turkey has been stuffed, cooked, carved and consumed, the sides have been prepped and gobbled the pumpkin pie has been baked and demolished.

As you come out of the food coma and start thinking about the bargains that await, we give you our list of data trends we’re thankful for this Thanksgiving.

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From raw data to interactive dashboard in minutes

Bring blended data to life, smallerAs a business you will no doubt have all kinds of data coming from different parts of your company. You might have your sales orders in a CRM system and your delivery information as an XML extract from your supply chain system, meaning the data you need to make decisions isn’t in a consistent, useable state.

Before you can gain business insights from your data, or even start to work with it, it needs to be blended into one data source that plays nicely with your BI software. What you need is a tool that does this for you, and that easily integrates with your BI product.

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Best business intelligence articles, 17 – 24 November

Best business intelligence articles

Henry Ford said: “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it.”

So, as it is Monday, we’ve done some thinking for you and collected the best of other people’s thoughts on business intelligence from the past week. This week’s list includes thoughts on how to make existing Big Data investments work for you from CMSWire, how physicians are driving data analytics advances in health care from ITBusinessEdge and why SMBs win as BI hits the cloud from BizTech.

You’re welcome! ;-)

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Strava dashboard shows how Antivia’s CEO spends his spare time

Strava dashboardJust as Big Data is no longer confined to the world of IT interactive dashboards aren’t just for business use.

Sure – for most people they are the perfect way to extract intelligence and value from their business data – but who says you can’t have a little fun with them once in a while?

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Q: Is analysis just for analysts? A: Yes and no

Analyst In an article in the Midsize Insider a few weeks ago Shawn Drew wrote that the latest research from Gartner “points out that advanced analytics is the fastest-growing area under the BI umbrella”.

It feels like we are moving towards a “BI for analysts only” culture, so I feel compelled to ask: Is analysis just for analysts?

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Best business intelligence articles, 10-17 November

Best business intelligence articles

It’s Monday and the start of a new week! And what’s better than starting your week fresh with some new knowledge?

This week’s list of the best BI articles of the past week includes wisdom from TechRepublic, truths about Big Data and the Cloud from CIO and the answer to why even Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) is talking about data visualization, from Information Age.

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Top 6 BI journals

Top BI journals

“A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers,” said Plato.

In our modern world we might have moved towards good decisions being made based on both knowledge and numbers, but nevertheless – we will always need knowledge.

So here’s a list of the top six business intelligence journals for you all to use to make better, more informed decisions. After all, in the words of Richard Cecil, “the first step towards knowledge is to know that we are ignorant.”

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DecisionPoint™ for Excel – the route forward from Xcelsius

From spreadsheet to dashboardJust over 11 years ago, on 10th July at FlashForward 2003, SAP Dashboards, aka Xcelsius, first hit the BI market (see this and other historical facts about Xcelsius here). It was a standalone desktop tool which allowed pretty much anyone to create amazing interactive dashboards on top of data in Excel and was one of the most innovative software products of its time.

In later versions, particularly after it was acquired by Business Objects, it gained the ability to connect to enterprise data sources, but it was what it did for standalone Excel users which was the source of its initial success.

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Best business intelligence articles, 3 – 10 November

Best business intelligence articles

Monday is here and it brings with it a selection of business intelligence articles from the past week.

This week’s list features articles from Petr Podrouzek’s agile BI blog series, eWeek and SmartCompany.

Did you read any interesting industry news last week? Feel free to share by adding to our list!

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Great go-to Excel resources

Go-to Excel resources

Missing links and broken macros… We’ve all been there. Se we thought we’d lend a helping hand to any frustrated Excel users out there.

These guys will help you find your links and fix your macros, and generally make working with Excel easier.

Have any of them helped you sort your Excel problems? Give them a like!
Has someone else helped fix your Excel mess? Add them to the list!

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