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Top 14 business intelligence and data articles, 23 – 30 March

BI and data articlesDon’t look away – knowledge boost coming your way!

This list of the best business intelligence and data articles from last week contains articles on how to transform your business using data (via InfoWorld), why IT needs to adapt to Big Data (via Capgemini) and the Pulse of BI 2015 survey.

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How to get users to use your business dashboards

Interactive business dashboardThe battle for attention is a big part of the success of any dashboard. As Mico Yuk says, “the only metric that matters in BI is user adoption” – if your dashboard isn’t used, it doesn’t matter how good it looks or how efficiently is conveys information.

So how do you design a dashboard that resonates with your business users and increases engagement and adoption?

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Top 14 business intelligence and data articles, 16 – 23 March

BI and data articles, March 2015

“You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data,” said Daniel Keys Moran.

Our weekly roundup of the best business intelligence and data articles gives you the insights you need to deal with your data better, like this one from diginomica on making Big Data smaller, this one from Small Business Trends on how and why data will save small business and this one on how SMEs can maximize the value of their business data. So you can have your data, your information and a knowledge boost to help you move forward.

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How to create stunning information apps from your Cloud data

CloudIn our daily lives we use data all of the time, and with data increasingly stored in the Cloud we as individuals are fast becoming used to having constant access to data wherever we are.

Why can’t it be this easy to access our business data too?

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How SMEs can maximize the value of business data

Cloud business dataWith the rise of cloud based business systems (accounting, CRM, customer support) smaller organizations now have immediate, easy, low-cost access to the same range of transactional systems that larger organizations have enjoyed for years.

Unfortunately when it comes to getting a deeper understanding of the data these systems capture, the story can be rather different.

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What weather websites can teach you about business intelligence

BBC weather websiteDrawing a comparison between a business dashboard and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Weather page might seem odd, but I’m convinced it is valid.

And, more than that, I think it points a way to the future of dashboards as we use them in our businesses.

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Should sales people use Data Discovery tools?

Too much informationRecently Gartner made a prediction about the BI market saying that “by 2017, most business users and analysts in organizations will have access to self-service tools to prepare data for analysis”.

Given the current heading of the BI market, I strongly suspect they are right. However, I am not convinced that this is a good thing. Let me explain why.

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