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Pulse of BI survey results: Part I – A closer look at Cloud BI

CloudA few weeks ago we launched a survey. We wanted to take the Pulse of BI in 2015 to find out for ourselves what your attitudes are towards three key technology trends that we currently see in our industry.

In particular we were keen to understand how organizations are using or planning to use Cloud, Big Data and mobile business intelligence. Well, the survey results are in and over the next few weeks we will share the findings with you. We start by looking at the Cloud.

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Best BI and data articles, 20 – 27 April

BI and data articles

It’s Monday, you didn’t have time to read those industry articles over the weekend even though you really should have, and now you’re feeling a bit behind…

Fret not – Antivia’s roundup of the best business intelligence and data articles from last week is here to help!

Browse, peruse, take a deep-dive – whichever way you prefer to read, these articles should get you up to speed on the latest.

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Most people need BI apps, not “self-service”

As someone who has previously written (here and here) about how technology labels often don’t help us, you might think it a little odd to find me writing a post comparing one label (BI Apps) with another (self-service BI), but bear with me.

I came across an article written by a product marketing chap, which draws an interesting analogy between doctors needing patient information and corporate users of BI. The article is not recent, but we still see a trend, especially from vendors, claiming that self-service BI is everything business users need.

The author of the article asks us to imagine a scenario where doctors are not allowed to access data directly, but instead have to go and ask non-medical, data specialists for the information, sometimes waiting hours or days for the answers. Clearly, this is supposed to be a parody on the way BI works in some organizations and equally clearly this would be a ludicrous way to run a hospital.

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3 reasons why SAP Lumira is not a replacement for SAP Dashboards (aka Xcelsius)

The natrual successor to SAP Dashboards?Almost a year ago we published a post which explained “Five reasons why SAP Lumira is not the natural successor to SAP Dashboards (aka Xcelsius)”, and further why we believe that our DecisionPoint™ product is a better way forward.

The advice in this post still holds true, and indeed the events of the last year have reinforced our viewpoint.

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Top 8 Big Data and business intelligence articles, 13-20 April

BI and data articles

Are you curious about what we actually know about Cloud computing?

Want to know why Data Discovery isn’t for everyone?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Find the answers to the questions above and discover more articles from last week in this list of top Big Data and business intelligence articles.

Plus, Ryan Goodman says goodbye to Everything Xcelsius and outlines the route forward for Xcelsius users.

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Why Data Discovery is not for everyone

I like to cycle. When I’m out riding my bike I have a little computer attached to the handlebars that, amongst other things, tells me how fast I’m going with a little arrow alongside indicating whether I am travelling faster or slower than my average speed for the ride.

Underpinning this arrow is a well-known formula: speed = distance / time. If I was a scientist or a mathematician I could go back to the first principles to demonstrate the proof of this formula.

However, when I’m riding my bike I don’t need to know, nor do I care about, any of this. 

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How to use Excel to analyze your social data

Marketo dashboardAnalyzing data is an important part of any business and it’s fast becoming one of the most important parts of a marketer’s job description.

Data comes from everywhere – social media platforms, your blog and website, your CRM systems – and this data is crucial to understanding your customers and what they want.

In a world where the average American’s attention span is shrinking to below 10 seconds, targeted and personalized marketing is fast becoming the only way to do business. That means you need to analyze the effectiveness of everything you do.

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How to use maps to boost your business intelligence

DecisionPoint mapGeographic information is crucial for organizations trying to understand how location impacts their business performance. Using maps in your business intelligence gives you a powerful tool for integrating the location of assets (e.g, customers, vehicles, people, and products) and areas (e.g. country, region, city and zones).

It is estimated that 80% of all data that’s generated has a geographical element, yet few organizations are yet to tap into this rich stream of business insight. Imagine the opportunities that lie within this data!

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Big Data: is IT delivering?

IT at workIn a recent article, Paul Gittins at Capgemini wrote about a Big Data survey which asked 1,000 C-level executives and senior decision makers how data is changing businesses.

Among the results were the expected 64% of companies who believe Big Data is changing traditional business boundaries and the 24% who report disruption from new competitors moving into their industry. However, as Gittins points out, one unexpected stat stood out from the crowd of forseeables: Over a third (36%) of non-IT decision-makers surveyed said their business unit has circumvented IT in order to implement the data analytics it needs.

This begs an interesting question: Is IT risking irrelevancy?

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