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Busting the buzzwords: what is Data Discovery?

Data confusionThe business intelligence software industry is notorious for throwing buzzwords and jargon around like a hot potato. Within the industry, this is fine as everyone knows what words like SaaS, Hadoop, Data Discovery and predictive mean. The problem arises when these words are carelessly thrown at regular business users who, most likely, don’t have enough IT geek knowledge to know what the professionals are on about.

This is not only highly confusing for business people, it can also lead to an organization signing up to or buying the wrong solution that doesn’t actually solve the business’ problems.

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Self-service BI analogies, part I: The self-service restaurant

Self-serviceSelf-service business intelligence (BI) – it’s on everyone’s lips nowadays. So much so that over recent years, it feels like the term has been hijacked to the point where it has almost become synonymous with “Data Discovery”. Therefore, self-service BI today typically evokes images of giving people carte-blanche access to a pool of data and allowing them to create their own visualizations and draw their own insights from this data.

When we talk about this in the office and with others in the business intelligence and analytics industry at events, it feels like this definition is wrong – it’s far too narrow.

To create some clarity, we’ve therefore come up with a series of analogies that illustrate what self-service BI actually means.

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A data warehouse in 2 weeks – is it possible?

Insight AcceleratorCome on. You can be more ambitious than that!

How about taking raw data from several source systems, transforming this into a data warehouse and delivering a suite of interactive dashboards on top that can be used by frontline workers across your organization – taking you from data to business insight in a couple of weeks? Then, how about adding more data and more data sources to support changing business needs – delivered as a series of further short phases?

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Big Data – is it as big as it seems?

Big Data204,000,000 emails, 4,000,000 Google searches, 2,460,000 pieces of Facebook content, 277,000 tweets.

This is just a small piece of all the information that’s shared online in one single minute. 2.4 billion people are now online. According to IBM, 2.5 exabytes – that’s 2.5 billion gigabytes! – of data was generated every day in 2012, and with each like, share and click the world’s data pool is expanding. But what does this mean for our organizations?

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Data digest: Top 13 Big Data and Business Intelligence articles

Data digest

Think you need to dig deep to find out what’s been going on in the data world over the past seven days?

Think again!

We’ve gathered the best data articles from last week in one place, so you don’t have to waste too precious time catching up.
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How to dynamically change chart colors

Chart color changed by regionBeing able to dynamically change the color of charts in an interactive dashboard is a very powerful feature.

In DecisionPoint™ you can add color hints to charts, which will then highlight how you’re performing in relation to specific KPIs. Technically it means that the color of the chart changes based on different series’ values, either dimensional or numeric. For business users it makes it super easy to visualize of their KPIs or most important regions.

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Data Lakes, Data Warehouses or both?

Data LakeI am starting to see more and more people writing that data lakes are “replacing data warehouses”.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, this is another example of technology hype getting in the way of effective use of data in organizations.

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Top 9 Big Data and Business Intelligence articles, 4 – 11 May

Best Big Data and business intelligence articles

Want to know why small businesses shouldn’t fear Big Data?

Or how to simplify the process of turning data into insight?

Or maybe how millennials and Big Data are driving the sharing economy?

This list of last week’s best Big Data and business intelligence articles has got you covered! Find answers to all of the questions above, plus read six more interesting articles from the week that’s passed.

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How to simplify the process of turning data into insight

Data everywhere Data, data everywhere.

It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data your business generates today. But what really tips you over the edge is that all these different types of crucial business data are stored in different systems in different formats, making it near-impossible to get a single view of your business.

And here lies a big problem. If everyone is looking at different data when making important business decisions, how can the business move forward effectively?

The truth is, it can’t. If business people are basing their decisions on different data, there is a real risk that different parts of the business will move in different directions with different priorities.

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Mobile BI adoption: are we there yet?

Mobile BIA few weeks ago we launched a survey. We wanted to take the Pulse of BI in 2015 to find out for ourselves what your attitudes are towards three key technology trends that we currently see in our industry.

In particular we were keen to understand how organizations are using or planning to use Cloud, Big Data and mobile business intelligence. Now the survey results are in we are sharing the findings with you. Last week we looked at Cloud and this week we take a closer look at mobile BI.

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