Monthly Archives: October 2015

Celebrating DecisionPoint For Excel’s first year

DecisionPoint For Excel dashboardIt’s been a big week for the youngest member of the Antivia family, as DecisionPoint™ For Excel celebrates its first birthday.

And what a year it has been. DecisionPoint™ For Excel has gone from strength to strength and has acquired some very happy customers along the way.

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Emerging trends in the BI industry – SABOUC recap

By Norm Katz at Composite Apps.

SABOUC The ASUG SAP Analytics and BusinessObjects Conference (SABOUC) was held earlier last month, and, like every year, talk about future trends near and far dominated the three-day event.

We, Composite Apps, were at the scene with open eyes and ears, soaking up all the buzz and expectations SABOUC brings. Here is what we picked up from the conference.

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Mapify your business: How to exploit location intelligence

CMaps location intelligence dashboardGeographic information is crucial for organizations trying to understand how their business is performing, however few businesses are maximizing the value of their location data.

80% of all data that’s generated has a geographical element – imagine the opportunities that lie within this data! That’s why we’ve just launched an integration with CMaps, from Centigon Solutions, which enables you to fully exploit your location data.

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Introducing the industry-leading DecisionPoint™ mobile BI app

mobile app SSMobile business intelligence has evolved from being a nice-to-have to a must-have for many of today’s businesses, and mobile capabilities are now high on the list when organizations are considering BI tools.

With the global workforce becoming more and more mobile and business moving faster than ever, it is crucial that people can take their KPIs and latest business information with them when they’re on the go. If not, business people become frustrated that they have to revert to making decisions based on gut-feel.

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Why dashboards are the most effective option for information delivery

Interactive dashboard on iPadHere at Antivia, we talk a lot about how interactive dashboards are the most effective way to deliver information across an organization.

Research also shows that dashboards are management’s preferred option for consuming business information. But just what is it that makes dashboards so great for information delivery?

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