Monthly Archives: November 2015

Why it’s time to say goodbye to Flash-based dashboards

Broken Flash2015 has been a bad year for Adobe’s Flash technology. It started in January, when YouTube dropped Flash in favor of HTML5 for its default video player.

In July, Mozilla Firefox announced it would be blocking Flash due to bugs in the technology that was being targeted by hackers and in September, the UK national broadcaster, BBC, started migrating all of its on-demand content from Flash. In October, Apple actively started blocking older versions of Flash on its MacOS and several other high-profile companies, including Facebook, joined the joined the call to kill Flash.

As we’ve said before, this is bad news for Xcelsius users.

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[Customer Success Story] Helping K-12 public education schools become more efficient

DecisionPoint For Excel pinAs we continue to celebrate DecisionPoint™ For Excel’s first year and its growing success, I recently caught up with Ali Taylan at Gibson Consulting Group.

Gibson started using DecisionPoint™ For Excel in December last year to solve complex efficiency problems within the K-12 public education sector in the US.

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Are you missing most of the value of your Big Data?

Big DataIf there is a data lake in your organization, what percentage of your organization see data from it on a daily basis?

I suspect the answer in most organizations, even the most Big Data savvy ones, is very low – possibly much lower than 10%.

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