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12 key capabilities of a modern information delivery platform

App-like BIHaving access to the right information empowers business people to perform to the best of their ability. For regular business users – our sales people, warehouse managers, call center team leaders, the executive team – who are often time-poor, this means you need to package up information for them in a way they can just pick up and use, so they can get quick answers to their most important questions.

At Antivia, we’ve been pushing the cause of the regular business user for many years. Lack of focus on what regular business users need is one of the reasons we believe that BI adoption rates have been stuck stubbornly at around 20% for the past decade.
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Handling Big Data: How to balance fast response times and large data volumes

data-balanceDuring this series, we’ve looked at some key requirements of a modern information delivery platform. This series wouldn’t be complete without writing a word or two on the subject of Big Data.

With the growing popularity of Big Data projects, it is important to remember that the full value of Big Data is only realized when you transform it into business insight and get it into the hands of the people who need it, across your organization.

This requires an interface onto Big Data that is both intuitive and responsive, so business users can quickly navigate these large data sets to reach important information that help drive their daily activities.

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What enterprise features does your BI platform need to support a wide scale deployment?

Throughout this series looking at the key requirements of a modern information delivery platform we’ve focused on 2 common threads:

  • Non-programmers need an easy way to create the kind of interactive dashboards and information applications today’s business users want to use
  • Business users must be able to pick-up and use these dashboards and applications without training to guarantee high adoption rates

Once you’ve solved these 2 challenges, one of the final hurdles to overcome in your quest to become a data-driven organization is scalability.  You need to be sure that you can get information into the hands of everyone who needs it without having to overcome technology and cost barriers.

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4 business intelligence lessons from our customers

We were delighted to welcome customers from 3 continents to the UK last week for Antivia’s first Customer Advisory Day. The day was split into a mixture of presentations and interactive discussions. The interactive discussions generated many interesting thoughts and ideas, which has lead me to share with you 4 lessons that I took away from the day: Continue reading