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Two rays of hope from Howard Dresner’s Wisdom of the Crowds

rays of hopeLast week, Howard Dresner, a long-time BI analyst and the person who, back in 1989, coined the modern use of the term Business Intelligence, posted to his blog on Sand Hill an article which, at least to my mind, contained two of the best pieces of news about BI I have heard for a long, long time. These were the following quotes from his “Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study”:


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“Should everyone have access to self-service data integration?”

data scientistAlmost as soon as I had published my last post (speaking up for forgotten business intelligence users), I saw the following question in a tweet from industry analyst, Wayne Eckerson (@weckerson):

“Should everyone have access to self-service data integration?”

This is a bit like asking:

“Should we give sharp knives to all children?” Continue reading

[Guest Post] 4 Reasons Why DecisionPoint Offers a Better Way Forward from SAP Dashboards

Ryan GoodmanThis is a guest blog post by Ryan Goodman, CEO and founder of CMaps Analytics and author of probably more SAP Dashboards (aka Xcelsius) than anyone else on the planet.

Last week on Twitter, I noticed some slides from an ASUG webinar offering the community an updated vision and way forward from SAP Dashboards to SAP DesignStudio.

While the SAP Dashboards product has a few more years of official support, most folks know that SAP is putting its weight behind the recently announced Lumira and Design Studio convergence.

Yet, I believe Antivia DecisionPoint offers a better path forward today to leverage your SAP BusinessObjects investments as your organization considers new dashboard solutions. Continue reading

Speaking up for forgotten business intelligence users 

There seems to be a conspiracy in the Business Intelligence (BI) world to ignore the needs of the large majority of users in an organization, namely most of the business users!

I don’t for a minute think this is deliberate. But, it is a significant oversight in a world where getting information to EVERYONE should have become a basic requirement of doing business.

In listening to the commentary around the market, you would be forgiven for thinking that the only capabilities that matter any more are: Continue reading

4 Examples of Putting Data to Work Across Your Business

4 information appsIf you are looking for ways to put your data to work across your organization, then let these 4 example interactive dashboards / information applications inspire you.

Each example covers a different business area, but they share a number of common traits: Continue reading