Monthly Archives: September 2016

[Partner showcase] Marketing information apps from Culture of Insight

marketingOur friends at Culture of Insight have created a DecisionPoint™ gallery to showcase how they transform hard-to-read market research data into engaging information apps that help their clients to understand their businesses more effectively. Culture of Insight works with over 25 of the UK’s top media businesses, building simple apps that enhance the influence and value of market research data, taking it out of boring slide decks or tables and into a more engaging dynamic format. Continue reading

Why Information Apps are the Key to High BI Adoption Rates

PendulumOver the past 20 years or so, when it comes to deciding the best way to ensure business people have fingertip access to the information they need to make decisions, the pendulum has swung repeatedly between 2 extremes.

On the one hand, you have what you might call do-it-yourself, self-service BI and, on the one hand, centrally produced reports and dashboards. And, whilst the technology has moved on and undoubtedly improved, still neither approach has been successful in reaching the full, diverse set of decision makers within our organizations. Continue reading

Check out this example information application

Peak RecruitmentWe talk a lot in this blog about information applications and why they are the ideal way for the majority of business people in our organizations to consume information.

We explain why they should be task-focused, require no training to use and yet provide the flexibility to answer multiple business questions. And, we give examples from the consumer world of the types of interface we should be aiming for with our information applications. Continue reading

Self-service BI requires more than generic data exploration tools

gas station In a recent blog post: “The Myth of Self-Service Analytics“, data visualization expert Stephen Few took BI vendors to task for their use of the term “self-service”. He opened with the remark: “Exploring and analyzing data is not at all like pumping your own gas”.

The pumping gas analogy is one I like. It is also one I have used myself for some time. The earliest example I could find being this slide from a presentation I gave back in 2013: Continue reading