Monthly Archives: December 2016

Could an information app solve this Black Friday challenge?

Department StoreOne of my friends is a store manager for a large chain of department stores. She started telling me about an issue she had to resolve on the back of their hugely successful Black Friday sale (more on this later). This led to a discussion about how she uses information to help her run an effective store. Continue reading

What information makes remote sales teams effective?

background-05At Antivia we believe that providing front-line workers with task-focused information applications is the best way to enable them to answer their business questions and to help them be successful.

To help you along this path, we published an eBook earlier this year: Your Guide to Becoming a Data-Driven Organization, which explained how to decide what to measure in your organization, why the things you measure should be actionable, and how to present all this information in a way that works for people across your organization. Continue reading