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How to move beyond Salesforce® joined reports

salesforce-cloudsAs a Salesforce® user, if you are looking at joined reports, you are probably butting up against the limits of Salesforce’s out of the box reporting capabilities.

Joined reports let you compare 2 sets of data across a common field (e.g. owner, account, campaign, etc.) that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to view side-by-side. For example, say you want to understand which of your opportunities may be at risk because they have open support cases associated with them. With a joined report, you can view a block of data showing opportunities alongside a block of data showing cases on an account by account basis to give you this information.

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What makes a good Data Storyteller?

hiker-1082297_1920With more roles being advertised for Data Storytellers we asked ourselves what are the key traits of someone who is going to excel in this role.

Part of being a good Data Storyteller is being able to uncover new insights about the things that make your business tick and then presenting these in a clear and compelling manner that helps senior management to make effective strategic decisions. This requires good analytic skills aligned to a talent for filtering data and distilling it down to its essence.

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Help us create a better Salesforce® reporting solution

salesforce-picture-2017Yesterday, we were delighted to announce the new cloud version of DecisionPoint™ which aims to make it easier for organizations to create and share insights from their cloud data.

Out of the gate, we’re supporting Salesforce® (alongside Excel® and CSV files) and we’re planning to add connectors to other popular cloud platforms soon.

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