Monthly Archives: July 2017

What is the role of sales operations?

sales_opsMore and more organizations are creating sales operations roles within their sales teams, with the aim of creating  an environment where sales people can thrive and beat quota. Studies have shown that a good sales operations team can make sales people 20-30% more efficient and increase conversion rates by 10-20%.

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Ready to step off the Salesforce® reporting treadmill?

hamster_wheelDo you spend too much time on mundane Salesforce® reporting tasks? And, how much time do you spend each week answering one-off questions from your sales team? Are you tired of having to manually dump the data you need into Excel® to manipulate it? Does this reduce the time you have to spend on other important activities?

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15 capabilities to look for when choosing SQL dashboard software

dashboards_tablet_groupSo, you want to create custom, visual dashboards from data stored in your SQL databases. You want these dashboards to refresh automatically. And, you want them to be available from a desktop browser, on a mobile device or even displayed on a big screen TV. Here, we offer 15 requirements to look for when choosing dashboard software to enhance your organization’s SQL reporting.

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Using a Salesforce custom app to deliver better reporting

analytics_appOut of the box Salesforce® reports and dashboards are limited. They offer inflexible layouts and lack interactivity. So, they don’t present information in a way that reflects how modern sales teams work and think.

Other technical constraints make it tiresome to get the information your sales team needs in one place. For example:

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