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How to improve sales team performance (taking a data-driven approach)

the-summitIf your sales team is struggling to meet its goals then you need to take action.

Most sales managers will agree that replacing underperforming members of the team is a last resort. The cost of rehiring and the time taken for new hires to get up to speed and become productive means this isn’t a quick fix.

Instead, one of the fastest ways to improve performance is through 1:1 coaching. The aim is to bring low achievers closer to the level of your top performers.

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Choosing software to create dashboards

choosing-dashboard-softwareWhen you are looking for software to create dashboards there are 2 groups you need to cater for. First, you should think about the people who will be creating the dashboards. Second, you need to consider the people who will be consuming the dashboards. Selecting the right tool requires striking a balance between the needs of both these groups.

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Canned Reports: The Next Generation – what are you missing?

Canned Reports: The Next Generation - what are you missing?With the current buzz in the market you could be forgiven for thinking that the only things you need to consider to plan your information strategy are machine learning and artificial intelligence. Yes, these are areas that will become important for all organizations. But, narrowing your focus to them alone will impair your ability to do business today.

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5 Skills Of A Good Salesperson (& How To Use Data To Get Them)

sales-dataWhat skills separate a great sales person from an average performer? To some extent, the answer depends on the industry and the type of sales job – the skills needed in the pharmaceutical industry are going to be different from publishing, or technology. That said, there are 5 core skills that are essential to any sales job, and which, if applied correctly, will enhance industry-specific behaviours to ensure sales success.

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