A Better Salesforce Activity Report

activity-reportSales activity reports help sales managers to understand the productivity levels and progress made by their team.

A good activity report will guide a sales manager through their team’s data. It helps them to visualize trends and to assess performance over time, so they can understand:

  • How much time sales people spend on different activity types
  • If sales people are completing enough of the right activities to meet their productivity goals
  • How well these efforts are translating into revenue

Salesforce® makes it easy for sales people to enter information about their activities. But, Salesforce activity reports leave something to be desired. In fact, this is one of the most common areas where Salesforce customers have asked to if we can offer them something better with DecisionPoint™.

They told us that they love the sales team leaderboard we’ve embedded in our sales manager’s app. So, they wanted to see something similar as  a starting point for analyzing their sales reps activity.

Salesforce Activity Reporting with the DecisionPoint™ App

So, watch this video for our take on the Salesforce activity report – and meet a new app we’ve created with DecisionPoint. It’s available for you to use with your Salesforce data. You can be up and running with it out-of-the-box, in no time. And, you can easily customize the app– without coding – to fit the needs of your business.

The main view centers around a bar chart showing a leaderboard. Here, a sales manager can easily compare their most productive down to their least productive reps. They can choose to view activity levels for the current month, quarter or year to date (YTD).

Other charts show a breakdown of activity by type and by status. And a final chart offers a breakdown of activity levels over time. For the current month, this chart shows daily activities. For the current quarter and YTD views, the chart shows a month-by-month summary of activities.

When the sales manager wants to analyze their data in more detail, they use the self-explanatory buttons to filter by activity type or by activity status. This is both simple and intuitive. This would allow the sales manager to focus on visits for example or to only look at completed activities.

By tapping or clicking on a sales rep’s name in the chart, the sales manager can focus on the specific activities of that individual. This gives them a clear view of how effectively each member of the team is working. And, if the sales manager needs to pull up details of specific activities the rep has entered into Salesforce, then these are available in a pop-up view, at the click of a button.

See for yourself

From the video, you can see how DecisionPoint™ makes it quicker and easier for sales managers to navigate the activity data for their team. These intuitive workflows make it easy for a sales manager to assess productivity and performance over time.

Imagine if your sales managers could view their team’s Salesforce activity data this easily?

To find out more, try some of the DecisionPoint™ pre-built apps for yourself.

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