Building dashboards against cloud data with the Progress DataDirect Cloud and DecisionPoint™

DataDirect cloud and DecisionPointIt’s never been more important for business people throughout your organizations to have access to relevant business information to make informed decisions.

But today, with data stored not only on premise but increasingly in the cloud too (e.g. Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, Google Analytics), how do you access all of this data to create a consolidated view of your business?

That’s why the Progress DataDirect Cloud and DecisionPoint™ are such a good fit.

The Progress DataDirect Cloud provides standardized access to all your data sources, whether they’re in the cloud or on premise and combined with DecisionPoint™ you can create stunning interactive dashboards that require no coding.

DecisionPoint™ offers the perfect way to create and deliver this information in the form of an interactive dashboard perfectly packaged behind an application-like interface – the same style of interface that business users know and love from using consumer websites and mobile-apps.

In a matter of minutes it possible to go from disparate data sources to fully interactive, drillable dashboards that answer the questions that matter most to your business and which can be accessed from a desktop of mobile device. Easy, efficient and code free!

Watch this short video to see how DecisionPoint™ and the Progress DataDirect Cloud allow you to quickly harness the power of your data wherever it resides and then transform it into business insight.

If you like what you see why not take a closer look at DecisionPoint™?