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The Data Vault: The best data news, 14-20 September

Best data news

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance,” said George Bernard Shaw.

Gain a full and balanced overview of the latest and greatest data news, so you can base your decisions on real knowledge.

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The Data Vault: Best data articles, 7 – 13 September


Looking for a knowledge boost to help you kick start the week? You’ve come to the right place. This week’s list covers everything from baseball and football to public transport and education.

Wondering how Big Data is making football more appealing to fans? Fortune has got the scoop.

Curious about self-service BI, or looking for a replacement for Xcelsius? Analysis Factory gives you the options.

Struggling with your commute? Forbes dishes on how Big Data can help you out.

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The Data Vault: Top 10 data articles, 31 August – 7 September

The Data Vault

“Without data, you are just another person with an opinion,” said German statistician Andreas Schleicher.

To back up your opinion, you need data and knowledge. This list provides you with knowledge about data, so you can stand up for what you believe in. As long as it’s data related, anyway.

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The Data Vault: Top 6 data articles, 17-24 August

The Data Vault - 17-24 August

Want to deliver better business intelligence? Check out this article from Norm Katz at Composite Apps and learn how.

Curious as to why telcos must turn big data into smart data to manage customer churn and loyalty? First Post’s got the low-down.

Or are you wondering how colleges are using Big Data this autumn?

This list of the best data articles of the past week gives you answers to the questions above, plus a few more, giving you the knowledge boost you need at the beginning of the week.

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The Data Vault: Top 11 data articles, 10 – 17 August

Data articles, August


Wondering how Big Data has changed utilities?

Or why it’s so important to increase business intelligence adoption rates?

Or how the amazing insights from video are changing the world?

We’ve packed all this and more into this week’s data article roundup. Enjoy!

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The Data Vault: Top 10 data articles, 20 – 27 July

The Data Vault

“You can use all the quantitative data you can get, but you still have to distrust it and use your own intelligence and judgment,” said Alvin Toffler.

So to boost your knowledge, we give you the top ten data articles from last week so that you know what questions you should be asking your data.

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The Data Vault – top 7 data articles, 13 – 20 July

Data Vault: 13 - 20 July

Wondering how oil and gas companies can change their fortune in these uncertain times? Troy Scott at Percepta gives you the scoop.

Want to know why F1 and NASCAR compete on analytics? Bernard Marr has got the details.

Curious as to how Big Data can change the environment? Willie Shubert holds all the answers.

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The Data Vault: Top 10 data articles, 29 June – 6 July

The Data Vault

It’s that time of the week again, when we give you the best data news from the week that has passed.

In need of a mini Big Data glossary? TechRepublic‘s got your back.

Wondering what Apple’s war on Big Data is all about, and why you should care? Get the scoop from the Daily Beast.

Wanting to squeeze more value from Microsoft Dynamics? We’ve got the recipe.

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