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Is Flash bad for your dashboard?

Broken FlashThe news yesterday that YouTube has dropped Flash in favor of HTML5 for its default video player is clearly another nail in Flash’s coffin. YouTube engineer Richard Leider was reported saying “the time had come to ditch the aging Flash in favor of HTML5”.

With most business users expecting to access their business intelligence content across a variety of devices and with Flash playing so badly on mobile, we think the time has come to ask yourself: is it time to drop Flash in favor of HTML5 dashboards?

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DecisionPoint™ for Excel – the route forward from Xcelsius

From spreadsheet to dashboardJust over 11 years ago, on 10th July at FlashForward 2003, SAP Dashboards, aka Xcelsius, first hit the BI market (see this and other historical facts about Xcelsius here). It was a standalone desktop tool which allowed pretty much anyone to create amazing interactive dashboards on top of data in Excel and was one of the most innovative software products of its time.

In later versions, particularly after it was acquired by Business Objects, it gained the ability to connect to enterprise data sources, but it was what it did for standalone Excel users which was the source of its initial success.

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Mobile, Off-line, HTML5 SAP dashboards

At the recent SAP Sapphire in Orlando, Anita Gibbings (Solution Marketing Director for SAP Dashboards) was kind enough to arrange for me to shoot the following quick video for SAP Analytics TV to show the capabilities which Antivia XWIS adds to SAP Dashboards inside SAP Mobile BI.

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Interactive iPad Dashboards with SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

Back in September I posted about “The HTML5 future of dashboards” which included a video of an interactive HTML5 dashboard which we had just demonstrated for the first time at the ASUG SBOUC conference in Orlando. The main point of this earlier post was to highlight that dashboards are a lot more than just a selection of summary grids and graphs and that HTML5 is a technology which can happily deliver the new breed of interactive dashboards which go so much further than offering mere “at a glance” summaries of data.

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“If you think you know dashboards, think again” catch the replay

If you think you know dashboards, think againLast week, we hosted what proved to be an extremely popular and very well received educational webinar entitled “If you think you know dashboards, think again“.

During this fast paced, 1-hour session, Donald MacCormick (@donaldmac) explained why interactive dashboards are the future of end-user BI and, in fact, are the only end-user BI tool you need.

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Excel – how much is too much ?

John Freeze over at C5Insight wrote a great post recently titled “Excel Overload How Much is Too Much”. I particularly liked his sign off from the blog:

“I use Excel nearly every day and will continue to do so … I also use my toothbrush daily, and while I could, I don’t try to wash my car with it.”

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Take an XWIS test-drive at your desk

Take an XWIS test-driveOver the past 2 weeks we’ve hosted XWIS Advantage test-drives in 5 cities: London, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia and New York. Every time we run a test-drive the response from the attendees is invariably positive and truly inspiring. My favorite quote is still from the attendee who said using XWIS gave him “an uncontrollable smile moment”.

It seems that by attending our webinars people get the value that XWIS brings to SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards / Xcelsius projects … but, it’s only when they get their hands on the XWIS software  that it really strikes home that the benefits are for real and can be easily realized on their own projects! This is the point where they see for themselves how XWIS can:

  • Enable them to deliver dashboards much more quickly
  • Make maintenance of their dashboards so much easier
  • Help them build dashboards against much larger datasets … and still deliver the response times their end-users demand
  • Enable them to deliver the interactivity their users’ need, so their users make better-informed decisions

If you are keen to experience the XWIS difference for yourself, you no longer need to wait for us to visit your city, because we’re now offering you the chance to take a free XWIS test-drive from the comfort of your own desk. This will enable you to run through the test-drive exercises at your own pace, so you too can see that the promise of XWIS is for real. The course is set-up so you can complete 1 exercise per day over a period of 4 days; each exercise should take around 25 minutes to complete.

So, if you have Xcelsius 2008 or Dashboard Design 4.0 installed on your machine, you’re ready to go … so, request a DecisionPoint POC today.