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Why responsive design isn’t a good fit for business intelligence

responsive design dashboardsMany business intelligence (BI) and analytics vendors champion the responsive design capabilities of their software when it comes to delivering mobile BI. Design-once, run anywhere is their mantra. And, it sounds seductive. What’s not to like about a technique that makes designers more productive and allows them to create one dashboard or report and know that it will look attractive on both desktop and mobile devices?

But,  a word of caution.

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Why interactive dashboards must be available offline

offline-dashboardPreviously, I explained how interactive dashboards liberate business users from reporting inefficiency. Moving away from untimely, labor intensive, error prone, static reports to modern dashboard applications is a big step forward to creating a data-driven culture. Another positive step is moving to role-based dashboards. These ensure that everyone in your organization has the right level of information to hand, so they can answer their questions efficiently.

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Mobile BI adoption: are we there yet?

Mobile BIA few weeks ago we launched a survey. We wanted to take the Pulse of BI in 2015 to find out for ourselves what your attitudes are towards three key technology trends that we currently see in our industry.

In particular we were keen to understand how organizations are using or planning to use Cloud, Big Data and mobile business intelligence. Now the survey results are in we are sharing the findings with you. Last week we looked at Cloud and this week we take a closer look at mobile BI.

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Is your BI tool built for mobile or bent for mobile?

More and more BI projects need to deliver to mobile devices, as end-users expect their BI to be available on whichever device is closest to hand.

End-users want their BI to be just as accessible as their email. Today, you probably prefer to access your email from your desktop computer when you are in the office and from your mobile devices when you are out and about; end-users of BI want the same flexibility, so they can get answers to their business questions at any time.

But, delivering mobile BI creates a number of new challenges for BI practitioners, not least because not all networks are created equal.

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