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ROI Calculator Software – Help Your Sales Team Close More Business

CartCo-SaaS-ROI-CalculatorSales teams are always on the lookout for new ways to help them close deals faster, increase their win rate or drive up their average order value. Return on investment (ROI) calculator software can tick all these boxes.

Sales teams use ROI calculators (see an example)  to prove the value of their product or service in simple financial terms to their buyer. The buyer can use this information to build their business case to get the go ahead from the ultimate decision makers.

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A Better Way To Deliver Salesforce Mobile Dashboards

smartphone-dashboardsSales people and sales managers who spend a large part of their lives on the road need access to reports and dashboards when they’re on the go. A mobile dashboard is the ideal way for them to access critical information. It helps them to track their performance and to decide where they need to focus their efforts to be successful.

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How to improve sales team performance (taking a data-driven approach)

the-summitIf your sales team is struggling to meet its goals then you need to take action.

Most sales managers will agree that replacing underperforming members of the team is a last resort. The cost of rehiring and the time taken for new hires to get up to speed and become productive means this isn’t a quick fix.

Instead, one of the fastest ways to improve performance is through 1:1 coaching. The aim is to bring low achievers closer to the level of your top performers.

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5 Skills Of A Good Salesperson (& How To Use Data To Get Them)

sales-dataWhat skills separate a great sales person from an average performer? To some extent, the answer depends on the industry and the type of sales job – the skills needed in the pharmaceutical industry are going to be different from publishing, or technology. That said, there are 5 core skills that are essential to any sales job, and which, if applied correctly, will enhance industry-specific behaviours to ensure sales success.

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What is the role of sales operations?

sales_opsMore and more organizations are creating sales operations roles within their sales teams, with the aim of creating  an environment where sales people can thrive and beat quota. Studies have shown that a good sales operations team can make sales people 20-30% more efficient and increase conversion rates by 10-20%.

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How To Be A Good Sales Manager: Get Data-Driven

Sales-Manager-How-ToAs a sales manager, you understand that it’s all about the numbers: are you hitting them or not? And, if not, why not? You also understand that the difference between a good sales manager and an average sales manager is how you manage your sales team to help them achieve their full potential.

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What information makes remote sales teams effective?

background-05At Antivia we believe that providing front-line workers with task-focused information applications is the best way to enable them to answer their business questions and to help them be successful.

To help you along this path, we published an eBook earlier this year: Your Guide to Becoming a Data-Driven Organization, which explained how to decide what to measure in your organization, why the things you measure should be actionable, and how to present all this information in a way that works for people across your organization. Continue reading

See These 2 Sales Information Apps in Action

Thats the spiritToday, I want to share with you a short video snippet from a webinar we ran earlier this week. The webinar looked at how information applications can empower sales teams with access to the information they need to drive higher levels of performance.

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How to maximize BI adoption by empowering your sales people

Remote workforceDespite growing investment in BI, adoption rates have been stuck stubbornly at about 20% for several years, but regardless of what’s to blame the message is clear: BI adoption rates need to increase.

One way to increase adoption is to get information into the hands of people who haven’t been serviced by BI in the past, in a way that works for them. For the majority of people in our organization – the front-line workers like store managers, sales people, call center team leaders, warehouse managers, etc. – this means providing them with pre-packaged information in the form of an interactive dashboard (or information app).

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