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[Partner showcase] Marketing information apps from Culture of Insight

marketingOur friends at Culture of Insight have created a DecisionPoint™ gallery to showcase how they transform hard-to-read market research data into engaging information apps that help their clients to understand their businesses more effectively. Culture of Insight works with over 25 of the UK’s top media businesses, building simple apps that enhance the influence and value of market research data, taking it out of boring slide decks or tables and into a more engaging dynamic format. Continue reading

How to create business insights from your data on a limited budget

Data jumbleIf your company has data stored in ERP, CRM, accounting, manufacturing, logistics, inventory, you-name-it systems, but you are struggling to derive value from this data, then you’re not alone.

Perhaps you are a small company that doesn’t have the skills in-house to transform this data into useful information and can’t afford to pay expensive third party resources to do the work for you. Or perhaps you work at a larger organization where it takes too long for your IT team to respond to your requirements.

However, the good news is if you are able to export the data from your business system into an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV (comma separated values) file, you’re well on your way to being able to deliver business insights to your whole organization – without breaking the bank.

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Emerging trends in the BI industry – SABOUC recap

By Norm Katz at Composite Apps.

SABOUC The ASUG SAP Analytics and BusinessObjects Conference (SABOUC) was held earlier last month, and, like every year, talk about future trends near and far dominated the three-day event.

We, Composite Apps, were at the scene with open eyes and ears, soaking up all the buzz and expectations SABOUC brings. Here is what we picked up from the conference.

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Delivering BI on a budget

Gartner researchAntivia has received a lot of coverage from Gartner lately. We were mentioned in the 2015 Magic Quadrant, and in the hype cycle for Business Intelligence and Analytics from August in the mobile BI section.

And, as recently as last week, DecisionPoint™ was mentioned during the ‘Delivering outstanding BI on a budget’ webinar hosted by Kurt Schlegel and Neil Chandler, both Gartner research VPs, as one of a handful of vendors ideal for delivering BI on a budget.

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Make NetSuite go further – put critical business information into the hands of those who need it most

NetSuite dashboard solutionIf you’re a NetSuite customer, you’ve probably already realized how much it helps you in your day-to-day business. It helps you cut your IT costs, reduces your financial month-end close time and improves your quote-to-cash cycle times. But, today, is your business facing other new pressures to cut lead times, adapt to omnichannel, grow market share in spite of increased competition or sustain profit margins in the face of volatile global raw material and energy prices?

If so, do people across your organization have all the information they need to stay on top of the change happening around them? Are they frustrated when they are forced to make decisions based on gut rather than facts?

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Thrive During Oil’s Wild Ride: how oil and gas companies can change their fortune with targeted dashboards

PumpjackRecent volatility and an uncertain direction in the price of oil is forcing businesses across the oil and gas industry to become smarter and more agile.

Businesses in every segment of the industry are now looking at their business model and processes from different perspectives in order to survive or thrive.

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A data warehouse in 2 weeks – is it possible?

Insight AcceleratorCome on. You can be more ambitious than that!

How about taking raw data from several source systems, transforming this into a data warehouse and delivering a suite of interactive dashboards on top that can be used by frontline workers across your organization – taking you from data to business insight in a couple of weeks? Then, how about adding more data and more data sources to support changing business needs – delivered as a series of further short phases?

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Data Lakes, Data Warehouses or both?

Data LakeI am starting to see more and more people writing that data lakes are “replacing data warehouses”.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, this is another example of technology hype getting in the way of effective use of data in organizations.

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How to simplify the process of turning data into insight

Data everywhere Data, data everywhere.

It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data your business generates today. But what really tips you over the edge is that all these different types of crucial business data are stored in different systems in different formats, making it near-impossible to get a single view of your business.

And here lies a big problem. If everyone is looking at different data when making important business decisions, how can the business move forward effectively?

The truth is, it can’t. If business people are basing their decisions on different data, there is a real risk that different parts of the business will move in different directions with different priorities.

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