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A Better Salesforce Activity Report

activity-reportSales activity reports help sales managers to understand the productivity levels and progress made by their team.

A good activity report will guide a sales manager through their team’s data. It helps them to visualize trends and to assess performance over time, so they can understand:

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What’s the best Salesforce® report for sales managers?

DecisionPoint Salesforce Sales Manages AppWhat’s the best Salesforce report for sales managers? It’s one that lets them explore their data so they can get quick-fire answers to their most pressing questions.

However, limitations with the out-of-the-box reports and dashboards you get with Salesforce means the information sales managers need is in several different places. This slows down their decision-making as they are forced to switch between reports to get the information they need. Continue reading

How to create a dashboard in Salesforce

salesforce-dashboardThe value you get from your Salesforce deployment is only as good as the quality of information you get out. One way of getting information out is using dashboards. Dashboards allow you to visualize how your business is performing, track KPIs and answer your daily questions.

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How to Create a Report in Salesforce

How to create a report in Salesforce (main image)Good reports are essential for anyone who wants to get the most value from their Salesforce investment. As Salesforce say: “Reports and dashboards show how you performed in the past and what’s happening at the moment they are key to driving success and adoption for any CRM project.

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Salesforce Dynamic Dashboards – 6 Signs You’ve Outgrown Them

salesforce dynamic dashboard

A Salesforce dynamic dashboard lets you display information tailored to the current user. This allows you to give people a personalized view of their Salesforce data.

For example:

  • A sales representative can see their personal forecast, made up of their accounts, contacts and opportunities
  • Or, an account manager can filter a dashboard to see details of open opportunities and open cases for their customers. In this case, the filter selector would only list their customers.

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A Better Way To Deliver Salesforce Mobile Dashboards

smartphone-dashboardsSales people and sales managers who spend a large part of their lives on the road need access to reports and dashboards when they’re on the go. A mobile dashboard is the ideal way for them to access critical information. It helps them to track their performance and to decide where they need to focus their efforts to be successful.

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Simplify your Salesforce reporting with these dashboards

Business-Report-DataAs a Salesforce® customer you want to provide online sales dashboards to your sales team. By giving them access to pre-built dashboards and reports you save them time … ensuring the information they need to be successful is always to hand.

Yet, many organizations find the standard Salesforce reports and dashboards too inflexible and too one-dimensional for their needs. They find they are often forced to dump data into Excel to get the answers they need. This is a time-consuming, manual process. It is impractical and frustrating for all involved. Frustrating for Salesforce administrators and sales operations people tasked with producing this information. Frustrating for sales people left waiting for information they need to do their jobs.

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Ready to step off the Salesforce® reporting treadmill?

hamster_wheelDo you spend too much time on mundane Salesforce® reporting tasks? And, how much time do you spend each week answering one-off questions from your sales team? Are you tired of having to manually dump the data you need into Excel® to manipulate it? Does this reduce the time you have to spend on other important activities?

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Using a Salesforce custom app to deliver better reporting

analytics_appOut of the box Salesforce® reports and dashboards are limited. They offer inflexible layouts and lack interactivity. So, they don’t present information in a way that reflects how modern sales teams work and think.

Other technical constraints make it tiresome to get the information your sales team needs in one place. For example:

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Salesforce dashboard apps that help drive exceptional performance

SF App MontageOur recent survey of Salesforce® customer reporting habits found that many people feel they spend too much time creating reports and dashboards. On average our survey respondents spend over one day per week on this task. Continue reading