Delivering information apps: how to add app-like functions to your dashboard

Information appsThe information app is a new breed of business intelligence that gets critical business information into the hands of front-line workers in your organization. An information app is easy to use and requires no training, so business users can easily get the data they need to do their jobs more efficiently – just like an app on a smart phone.

With DecisionPoint™, developing these information apps is simple, requires no coding, and business users love working with them. It makes it possible for business users to get answers to questions faster, and it helps them make the right data-driven decisions.

Below are four videos that will take you through creating an information app with DecisionPoint™. The first one takes you through how to create a pop-out interactive filter bar. These are a great way to enhance the user experience.

It’s important to provide access to more than just one view, so business users can answer multiple questions from within their information app. With DecisionPoint™, you can use a view stack to create multiple tabbed views, making sure information is readily available.

Next, take a closer look at how to work with dynamic visibility. This function gives you the ability to show or hide different elements in your dashboard, which is another excellent way to give users access to visualizations that answer second- and third-level questions.

Lastly, check out how to enable business users to dynamically switch the measures they are viewing in one or more components. This provides an intuitive way for a business user to cycle through and keep track of a number of different measures or KPIs.

Applying the learnings from these four videos will enable you to add app-like capabilities to your dashboards, enabling your users to get answers to their immediate and follow-up questions and they’ll love that fact that they don’t have to go on a training course to get access to the data they need to do their jobs.


This is the second in a series of articles focusing on how to build better dashboards. Over the next few weeks we’ll be publishing articles highlighting how to improve dashboard design skills.

Look out for next week’s article, showing you how to become an expert DecisionPoint™ designer. You can read last week’s article on how to master filters here.

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