Make NetSuite go further – put critical business information into the hands of those who need it most

NetSuite dashboard solutionIf you’re a NetSuite customer, you’ve probably already realized how much it helps you in your day-to-day business. It helps you cut your IT costs, reduces your financial month-end close time and improves your quote-to-cash cycle times. But, today, is your business facing other new pressures to cut lead times, adapt to omnichannel, grow market share in spite of increased competition or sustain profit margins in the face of volatile global raw material and energy prices?

If so, do people across your organization have all the information they need to stay on top of the change happening around them? Are they frustrated when they are forced to make decisions based on gut rather than facts?

Without constant access to the right information it’s hard for business people to make sense of a changing business landscape.

Business landscape

The speed at which you can react and adapt to business change is critical, so you need to arm people in your organization with information that adapts to and keeps pace with this change – whether that data is all in NetSuite or merged with data from other systems (e.g. HR, web analytics, etc.) – so they can continue to make sense of what’s happening in the areas that matter most, for example:

  • Retail: to optimize inventory management to increase inventory visibility and availability across selling channels to avoid costly stock-outs and transfers.
  • Supply chain: to share information across the organization at the right time to reduce costly issues at the point of delivery.
  • Manufacturing: to take a customer-centric approach focusing on lead time, on-time deliveries and defect rates to maximize the number of perfect orders.
  • Sales: to measure pipeline trends across the sales cycle to improve close rates and drive increased sales efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Finance: to monitor inventory, receivables and payables to reduce cash-to-cash cycle times and sustain profit margins.

To deliver this throughout your business, you need to share information in a way that matches the way your organization works. For most decision-makers, the best way to provide this information is through interactive dashboards that can be adapted quickly without coding in response to changing business needs, and provide a big picture view that combines data from NetSuite and beyond. This will empower your entire workforce with fingertip access to information, eliminating decisions made on gut feel and helping keep your business one step ahead.

Enter DecisionPoint™ – it’s exactly what you need for this job! To see why, check out the embedded interactive dashboard (below) based on NetSuite data, which allows you to track invoiced revenue by time, location and customer. At any time, you can pop up a dialog to see the transactions behind the current view. Go on – try it!

To exploit the growing number of available data sources both on-premise and in the cloud, DecisionPoint™ enables you to merge your NetSuite data (including custom fields) with other data sources – with or without a data warehouse – to create a consolidated view of your business, so decision-makers always have all the information they need available in their dashboard and can keep focused on driving the business forward.

To see how quickly and easily we created this dashboard, watch the behind-the-scenes video here. For more information on how to create this type of interactive and intuitive dashboard that everyone in your organization can use to make critical business decisions, visit our NetSuite solutions center.

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