Mapify your business: How to exploit location intelligence

CMaps location intelligence dashboardGeographic information is crucial for organizations trying to understand how their business is performing, however few businesses are maximizing the value of their location data.

80% of all data that’s generated has a geographical element – imagine the opportunities that lie within this data! That’s why we’ve just launched an integration with CMaps, from Centigon Solutions, which enables you to fully exploit your location data.

Exploiting your location data can provide critical insights that support and improve decision-making in everything from marketing to supply chain logistics and operations. Using maps within your interactive dashboards and business intelligence (BI) applications gives you a powerful way to visualize the location of assets, e.g. customers, vehicles, people, and products across countries, region, city and zones.

See how easily exploiting your location data can be! Watch this video.

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Geo-spatial visualization is not a new concept. Businesses have always analyzed data from different countries and regions but as technologies like GPS, RFID and location-aware wireless devices increasingly invade our lives, organizations have the opportunity to collect and monitor location data in a completely different and more precise way.

CMaps location intelligence dashboard

Looking at your data from a location perspective provides new insights to support data-driven decisions, for example; questions of where to plan new stores and how to improve your supply chain. Location intelligence:

  • Gives you the ability to understand where your customers are: If you understand where your customers are and where they shop, you can take make data-driven decisions on questions of where to plan new stores and how to improve the logistics in certain areas.
  • Let’s you know where the competition is: As well as understanding your customers, geo-spatial analysis can also give you an upper hand on your competitors, which can be very useful. You get the ability to accurately compare yourself to them and determine future actions based on correct information.
  • Helps increase BI adoption rates: As using maps steadily becomes a natural part of our lives – either on the desktop, the satnav, mobile phone or tablet – more and more people are comfortable using the technology, which means the barriers of usage and understanding is low when maps are introduced into a company’s interactive dashboards and BI Apps.

DecisionPoint™ and CMaps make it easier than ever for you to create rich, interactive dashboards that combine maps with traditional visualizations, so you can deliver the types of insight today’s business user demands.

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