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What is a KPI?


Key Performance Indicators – What Are They? A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is something quantifiable that you can measure to track how effectively your organization is achieving its primary objectives. A good KPI will clearly indicate if your organization is heading in the right direction towards achieving its strategic goals.

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Why end-user training is killing your BI project

User TrainingDo you have time set aside in your business intelligence (BI) project plan to train your business end-users? If you do, then I would urge you to think hard about what you are doing, because the need for business user training may well be an indicator that your project will not be the success you are hoping for.

As Mico Yuk is fond of saying, there is only one success metric which matters in BI: User Adoption. And, there are three reasons why the need for business user training kills adoption: Continue reading

Why role-based dashboards should be at the heart of your BI strategy

Thats the spirit When it comes to delivering reports and dashboards to business users across your organization, one size does not fit all. In fact, delivering generic dashboards to a diverse set of users is a recipe for dissatisfaction and lowadoption.

Role-based dashboards are the antidote to this.

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How to improve sales team performance (taking a data-driven approach)

the-summitIf your sales team is struggling to meet its goals then you need to take action.

Most sales managers will agree that replacing underperforming members of the team is a last resort. The cost of rehiring and the time taken for new hires to get up to speed and become productive means this isn’t a quick fix.

Instead, one of the fastest ways to improve performance is through 1:1 coaching. The aim is to bring low achievers closer to the level of your top performers.

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Canned Reports: The Next Generation – what are you missing?

Canned Reports: The Next Generation - what are you missing?With the current buzz in the market you could be forgiven for thinking that the only things you need to consider to plan your information strategy are machine learning and artificial intelligence. Yes, these are areas that will become important for all organizations. But, narrowing your focus to them alone will impair your ability to do business today.

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Using a Salesforce custom app to deliver better reporting

analytics_appOut of the box Salesforce® reports and dashboards are limited. They offer inflexible layouts and lack interactivity. So, they don’t present information in a way that reflects how modern sales teams work and think.

Other technical constraints make it tiresome to get the information your sales team needs in one place. For example:

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How to choose KPI software

Group of Multiethnic Busy People Working in an OfficeWhen choosing software to help you keep track of your key performance indicators (KPIs), start by thinking about why you are tracking these metrics.
Who needs to see them? Are they designed for use by execs who need a top-down, company wide view? Or are they aimed at managers who need to track the performance of their department?

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What is a dashboard app?

An example dashboard appDashboard apps (sometimes called information apps) are the latest evolution of business dashboards. They allow you to present business information in a highly visual form that frontline workers can readily understand. But, what sets a dashboard app apart is that it guides people through the information displayed, allowing them to hone in on areas of interest, and then leading them to the detailed transactional data they need to take action.

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What makes a good Data Storyteller?

hiker-1082297_1920With more roles being advertised for Data Storytellers we asked ourselves what are the key traits of someone who is going to excel in this role.

Part of being a good Data Storyteller is being able to uncover new insights about the things that make your business tick and then presenting these in a clear and compelling manner that helps senior management to make effective strategic decisions. This requires good analytic skills aligned to a talent for filtering data and distilling it down to its essence.

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Speaking up for forgotten business intelligence users 

There seems to be a conspiracy in the Business Intelligence (BI) world to ignore the needs of the large majority of users in an organization, namely most of the business users!

I don’t for a minute think this is deliberate. But, it is a significant oversight in a world where getting information to EVERYONE should have become a basic requirement of doing business.

In listening to the commentary around the market, you would be forgiven for thinking that the only capabilities that matter any more are: Continue reading