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Why business users need interactive dashboards they can just pick up and use without training

Business man with smartphone and tabletIn the previous article in this series we discussed why a modern information delivery platform should enable non-programmers to create interactive dashboards and information applications to enable you to keep pace with the changing needs of your business.

However, regardless of how quickly you’re able to create and deliver information throughout your organization, it is equally important that business people are able to access and use this information as easily as they can use a mobile or web app in their non-work life.

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The emergence of the modern information delivery platform

Information deliveryA recent Gartner report: “Predicts 2016: Changes Coming in How We Buy Business Analytics Technology” refreshingly acknowledged the emergence of a number of BI and analytics platforms that are more focused on information delivery than analysis, which demonstrates market momentum towards including information delivery alongside analysis within the modern BI portfolio.

This trend will come as no surprise to regular readers of this blog, as at Antivia we’ve been pushing the cause of the regular business user, the end consumer of information delivery, for many years. Lack of focus on what regular business users need is one of the reasons we believe that BI adoption rates have been stuck stubbornly around 20% for the past decade.

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How to make app-like BI a reality

App-like BIMost business users need sophisticated interactive dashboards or information apps to answer the questions that matter the most to them.

Think about it – if you have a smart phone, you probably use several apps a day. Emails, social media, fitness tracking, online banking and shopping, checking the weather… the list goes on. And all these activities have one thing in common – you access, interact and use them without really thinking about it.

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Are you missing most of the value of your Big Data?

Big DataIf there is a data lake in your organization, what percentage of your organization see data from it on a daily basis?

I suspect the answer in most organizations, even the most Big Data savvy ones, is very low – possibly much lower than 10%.

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Mapify your business: How to exploit location intelligence

CMaps location intelligence dashboardGeographic information is crucial for organizations trying to understand how their business is performing, however few businesses are maximizing the value of their location data.

80% of all data that’s generated has a geographical element – imagine the opportunities that lie within this data! That’s why we’ve just launched an integration with CMaps, from Centigon Solutions, which enables you to fully exploit your location data.

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Introducing the industry-leading DecisionPoint™ mobile BI app

mobile app SSMobile business intelligence has evolved from being a nice-to-have to a must-have for many of today’s businesses, and mobile capabilities are now high on the list when organizations are considering BI tools.

With the global workforce becoming more and more mobile and business moving faster than ever, it is crucial that people can take their KPIs and latest business information with them when they’re on the go. If not, business people become frustrated that they have to revert to making decisions based on gut-feel.

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Is your management getting the information it needs?

data-driven busienssInformation has the potential to transform your business.

When an organization stops making decisions based on the gut feel of its people and starts making data-driven decisions based on hard facts, it can truly transform a business.

But how do you get started?

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Delivering BI on a budget

Gartner researchAntivia has received a lot of coverage from Gartner lately. We were mentioned in the 2015 Magic Quadrant, and in the hype cycle for Business Intelligence and Analytics from August in the mobile BI section.

And, as recently as last week, DecisionPoint™ was mentioned during the ‘Delivering outstanding BI on a budget’ webinar hosted by Kurt Schlegel and Neil Chandler, both Gartner research VPs, as one of a handful of vendors ideal for delivering BI on a budget.

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How to enhance your dashboards and increase user adoption

KPI dashboardBuilding a basic dashboard with a few bar and line charts and some labels is a really good start but to be able to draw some real insight from your data and increase user adoption rates, you’ll need some additional features that enable users to dig deeper and investigate the information they are seeing.

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