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[Customer Success Story] Helping K-12 public education schools become more efficient

DecisionPoint For Excel pinAs we continue to celebrate DecisionPoint™ For Excel’s first year and its growing success, I recently caught up with Ali Taylan at Gibson Consulting Group.

Gibson started using DecisionPoint™ For Excel in December last year to solve complex efficiency problems within the K-12 public education sector in the US.

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Celebrating DecisionPoint For Excel’s first year

DecisionPoint For Excel dashboardIt’s been a big week for the youngest member of the Antivia family, as DecisionPoint™ For Excel celebrates its first birthday.

And what a year it has been. DecisionPoint™ For Excel has gone from strength to strength and has acquired some very happy customers along the way.

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How to quickly create a simple, interactive dashboard without coding

Information appsWith fancy terms like data scientist, self-service BI and data discovery being thrown around by industry experts, it can sometimes be hard to know how to get started with creating the interactive dashboards and BI apps that most people in your organization need.

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[Guest post] Self-service BI and the successor to Xcelsius

Cliff AlperClifford Alper is a founding partner of Analysis Factory, based in Boston, Massachusetts. As the business analytics wizard of the company, he’s responsible for the Analysis Factory signature look-and-feel. Under his direction, Analysis Factory has been a leader in the information design field for over 15 years, delivering industrial strength analytics solutions for everyday users.

According to Gartner’s hype cycle for 2015, self-service BI is on the rise.

It’s worth taking a moment to consider the implications for business users. What happens when non-specialist business users are given access to raw, unstructured data to gather their own business insights? Will the process make them more effective at doing their jobs?

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[Partner showcase] Beautiful tailor-made dashboards from Analysis Factory

Around the world with DecisionPointThere are so many organizations out there doing awesome things with DecisionPoint™, so every now and then we can’t help but share this on the blog.

From operational dashboards to multi-lingual mobile sales dashboards, from California to Sydney, the Netherlands to Florida, DecisionPoint™ is there to help organizations get critical business information into the hands of the business people who need it.

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3 reasons why SAP Lumira is not a replacement for SAP Dashboards (aka Xcelsius)

The natrual successor to SAP Dashboards?Almost a year ago we published a post which explained “Five reasons why SAP Lumira is not the natural successor to SAP Dashboards (aka Xcelsius)”, and further why we believe that our DecisionPoint™ product is a better way forward.

The advice in this post still holds true, and indeed the events of the last year have reinforced our viewpoint.

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How to use Excel to analyze your social data

Marketo dashboardAnalyzing data is an important part of any business and it’s fast becoming one of the most important parts of a marketer’s job description.

Data comes from everywhere – social media platforms, your blog and website, your CRM systems – and this data is crucial to understanding your customers and what they want.

In a world where the average American’s attention span is shrinking to below 10 seconds, targeted and personalized marketing is fast becoming the only way to do business. That means you need to analyze the effectiveness of everything you do.

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How SMEs can maximize the value of business data

Cloud business dataWith the rise of cloud based business systems (accounting, CRM, customer support) smaller organizations now have immediate, easy, low-cost access to the same range of transactional systems that larger organizations have enjoyed for years.

Unfortunately when it comes to getting a deeper understanding of the data these systems capture, the story can be rather different.

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Sharing Big Data insights with business users

Big DataAs we approach the end of February it seems like 2015 could be the year where the backlash starts against Big Data. I’ve seen numerous articles this year. including this one from InformationWeek, this one from ZDNet and this one from Quartz – ouch!, which paint a less rosy picture of the value of Big Data and, in fact, Big Data in general.

Is it all it is hyped up to be?

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Engage and captivate your prospects and customers with a visual calculator

Visual calculatorPeople love visual calculators. We see them everywhere: loan calculators, savings and payback calculators, retirement calculators, home heating calculators, industrial capacity planning calculators, ROI calculators – the list is endless.

They are a great way of allowing people to set some input conditions using sliders, spinners or regular data entry fields and then explore how changes to the input values effect the desired output. These outputs or results are often shown graphically using charts or tables.

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