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Meet the new version of DecisionPoint (now includes Salesforce connectivity)

Pre-built Salesforce Performance Management AppWe’ve just released a new version of DecisionPoint™, R11, which provides access to more data sources (including Salesforce®), increases designer productivity and features a significant internal re-architecture of the calculation engine to strengthen and streamline its core foundation. Continue reading

What enterprise features does your BI platform need to support a wide scale deployment?

Throughout this series looking at the key requirements of a modern information delivery platform we’ve focused on 2 common threads:

  • Non-programmers need an easy way to create the kind of interactive dashboards and information applications today’s business users want to use
  • Business users must be able to pick-up and use these dashboards and applications without training to guarantee high adoption rates

Once you’ve solved these 2 challenges, one of the final hurdles to overcome in your quest to become a data-driven organization is scalability.  You need to be sure that you can get information into the hands of everyone who needs it without having to overcome technology and cost barriers.

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[Customer Success Story] Giving sales managers fast, no-training-required access to critical business information

Sample dashboard on iPadTo help with the efficient running of its contact centers, Allconnect has developed a DecisionPoint™ interactive dashboard, which is currently used by approximately 100 employees, including head office staff, center managers, supervisors and team leaders.

The dashboard provides a comparison of intra-day sales on an hourly basis compared to the same period over the previous week.

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Why business users need interactive dashboards they can just pick up and use without training

Business man with smartphone and tabletIn the previous article in this series we discussed why a modern information delivery platform should enable non-programmers to create interactive dashboards and information applications to enable you to keep pace with the changing needs of your business.

However, regardless of how quickly you’re able to create and deliver information throughout your organization, it is equally important that business people are able to access and use this information as easily as they can use a mobile or web app in their non-work life.

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Christmas Travel Plans? Check the Flight Delay dashboard before you go!

Flightdelay, summary_ssFlying home through LaGuardia or LAX? You might be better off driving. At least that’s what the numbers in our interactive flight data dashboard indicate.

We’ve based the dashboard on public flight delay data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. It includes metrics for more than 50 major US airports and 17 airlines, and is a bid to help Christmas travelers get home on time.

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How usage auditing enables you to maximize your BI investment

Deliver information to everyone in your businessTo realize the value from the vast amounts of data our organizations capture, we need to transform it into useful information and then deliver it to our front-line workers so they can answer the questions that matter most to them.

But when you are delivering information to such a wide and potentially geographically dispersed audience, how do you know if people are taking advantage of the information to make better-informed decisions?

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[Customer Success Story] Helping K-12 public education schools become more efficient

DecisionPoint For Excel pinAs we continue to celebrate DecisionPoint™ For Excel’s first year and its growing success, I recently caught up with Ali Taylan at Gibson Consulting Group.

Gibson started using DecisionPoint™ For Excel in December last year to solve complex efficiency problems within the K-12 public education sector in the US.

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Celebrating DecisionPoint For Excel’s first year

DecisionPoint For Excel dashboardIt’s been a big week for the youngest member of the Antivia family, as DecisionPoint™ For Excel celebrates its first birthday.

And what a year it has been. DecisionPoint™ For Excel has gone from strength to strength and has acquired some very happy customers along the way.

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