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Why it’s time to embrace the dashboard app

modern dashboardIt is always good when other people independently come to the same conclusions as you! This is why I liked Ryan Dunn’s Medium post Dash-bored so much.

Regular readers of this blog will know that we have been passionate about interactive dashboards (now known as Dashboard Apps) for a long time.  So, reading Ryan’s post and his conclusions was music to our ears.

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Why role-based dashboards should be at the heart of your BI strategy

Thats the spirit When it comes to delivering reports and dashboards to business users across your organization, one size does not fit all. In fact, delivering generic dashboards to a diverse set of users is a recipe for dissatisfaction and lowadoption.

Role-based dashboards are the antidote to this.

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Canned Reports: The Next Generation – what are you missing?

Canned Reports: The Next Generation - what are you missing?With the current buzz in the market you could be forgiven for thinking that the only things you need to consider to plan your information strategy are machine learning and artificial intelligence. Yes, these are areas that will become important for all organizations. But, narrowing your focus to them alone will impair your ability to do business today.

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How To Be A Good Sales Manager: Get Data-Driven

Sales-Manager-How-ToAs a sales manager, you understand that it’s all about the numbers: are you hitting them or not? And, if not, why not? You also understand that the difference between a good sales manager and an average sales manager is how you manage your sales team to help them achieve their full potential.

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Dashboard vs Report: How dashboards drive better decisions

holding-dash-highReports and dashboards. They are 2 different ways to transform data into information and share with people across your organization.

Modern reporting tools include charts as well as tables to help people visualize data, but they are still rooted in the old paper-based world. They tend to be paginated and can be large and cumbersome to navigate. They are often delivered in PDF format.

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What is a dashboard app?

An example dashboard appDashboard apps (sometimes called information apps) are the latest evolution of business dashboards. They allow you to present business information in a highly visual form that frontline workers can readily understand. But, what sets a dashboard app apart is that it guides people through the information displayed, allowing them to hone in on areas of interest, and then leading them to the detailed transactional data they need to take action.

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How interactive dashboards save everyone’s time

banner-about-antiviaAlthough business intelligence technology is constantly evolving and analysts have more tools and features to work with than ever before, very often non-analyst business users still struggle to get the information they need in a timely and efficient manner.

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Meet the new version of DecisionPoint (now includes Salesforce connectivity)

Pre-built Salesforce Performance Management AppWe’ve just released a new version of DecisionPoint™, R11, which provides access to more data sources (including Salesforce®), increases designer productivity and features a significant internal re-architecture of the calculation engine to strengthen and streamline its core foundation. Continue reading

4 Examples of Putting Data to Work Across Your Business

4 information appsIf you are looking for ways to put your data to work across your organization, then let these 4 example interactive dashboards / information applications inspire you.

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Using “BI on BI” to drive user adoption

Dashboard Usage AuditingThroughout this series looking at the key requirements of a modern information delivery platform we’ve seen why it is important that non-programmers are able to create new interactive dashboards and information applications to keep step with the pace of business change. We’ve also seen that to guarantee high adoption rates, business users should be able to pick up and use these dashboards and applications without training.

User adoption is key to a successful business intelligence project. If your goal is to empower people with the information they need to do their jobs, then one measure of success is how widely this information is used.

But, how do you measure user adoption?

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