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Why it’s time to say goodbye to Flash-based dashboards

Broken Flash2015 has been a bad year for Adobe’s Flash technology. It started in January, when YouTube dropped Flash in favor of HTML5 for its default video player.

In July, Mozilla Firefox announced it would be blocking Flash due to bugs in the technology that was being targeted by hackers and in September, the UK national broadcaster, BBC, started migrating all of its on-demand content from Flash. In October, Apple actively started blocking older versions of Flash on its MacOS and several other high-profile companies, including Facebook, joined the joined the call to kill Flash.

As we’ve said before, this is bad news for Xcelsius users.

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DesignStudio as a replacement for SAP Dashboards/Xcelsius?

xcelsius grim reaperAs you plan your move away from Xcelsius/SAP Dashboards (which, if you are not already doing, you really ought to get started) then I would recommend listening to a recent episode of the Diversified Semantic Layer Podcast* entitled “Is DesignStudio the Dashboard Slayer?”.

The question up for discussion was whether DesignStudio is a suitable replacement for Xcelsius / SAP Dashboards. Key quotes were:

  • “If [in DesignStudio] you want more than a single chart pointing at a single data source that doesn’t need to refresh or have any interaction … you need to write some sort of code”
  • “If you are a traditional Xcelsius developer I don’t know how you would get started with that”
  • “If you are a BX or BEx shop it makes a lot of sense to use DS, if you are not, good ******* luck for the time being”
  • “Turning all your Xcelsius developers into Design Studio developers; that is not going to happen for most customers”

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